Thoughts -Forge -Matchmaking Issues-Maps & Content

I don’t want to make a negative thread. Far too many people just whining, being negative and not properly explaining where they feel the game falls short. I hope that 343 sees this and takes it seriously as I feel Halo 5 has some serious issues in a few areas.

Maps and Content

While I am glad they are giving free content updates I feel like the “free” price point has removed quality from the equation. This latest update is another example of remixed and recycled maps and assets. When are original maps going to be created? Using assets that haven’t been seen yet. Riptide is just Fathom with some paths moved around and its in a desert instead of under water. It just comes off as lazy. Even the launch maps had several that were just remixed versions of another launch map.

Game modes that were in classic Halo games still absent. King of the hill, oddball, assault can’t even be played in customs! Much less a dedicated Team Objective Playlist.

Matchmaking Issues

What happened to maps being on a rotation? If we don’t leave the lobby why is it reforming lobbies instead of just adding people to ours. I’ve played the same map 3 or more times straight because of this. It makes no sense and makes the already limited map selection feel even smaller. If you are gonna leave the lobbies the way they are than bring back map voting. At least then we can have different options.

Also why can’t we see the players in our lobby pre game? It would be nice to match voices to gamer tags, be able to mute loud and obnoxious people in pre game instead of having to listen to someone screeching in Spanish while the game loads. People quit all the time anyway. Seeing a high ranked player on the other team won’t cause this to happen more often.

Forge and Community Maps

A community hub needs to be added to let us search content, bookmark maps easier, maps sorted by rating, popularity, etc. I think a dedicated community playlist should be added as well with more maps and modes than just breakout, I know y’all are starting this process already but those are my thoughts.

The community breakout playlist is pretty awesome by the way. Those forge maps were excellent.

Also to add to this.

Something you may want to consider doing is double RP or bonus RP weekends. The first win of the day was an awesome thing to add. Start doing more though. Bonus RP weekends would be awesome.

Also consider expanding the commendations a bit. Some of them are way too short like standard kills while others are way too many like killing 25 Warden Eternals.

I like these ideas. I’ve also discussed with friends how many of the maps are just flip-flopped versions of existing maps. I would love to see classic maps come back.
i would also like to see objective based game modes. CTF, oddball, even crazy modes like team action sack were very enjoyable. Tbh halo 4 was a great game and I would love to see many of the maps and modes from halo 4