Thoughts/Criticisms on the Infinite Flight

My notes are gonna seem unorganized because I wrote them down as they came to me. I will be posting all my problems/criticisms and bugs with the Flight, but know that overall I think they knocked it out of the park, and it overwhelmingly feels great/satisfying to play.


  • Need to add back “Hold to zoom” feature with double zoom weapons so players don’t have to constantly keep clicking the buttons to get in and out of zoom.

  • Grenade swapping is overly complicated in training mode, but seems to be fixed in normal multiplayer modes.

  • AI occasionally got stuck standing still by Hammer Spawn on Recharge. Another one jumped off the edge while strafing from me at the same ledge.

  • HUD is too chaotic. Medals need to be displayed to the far left side of the screen, probably above the kill feed, and need to be larger; they tend to either get lost in the action, or distract from it. Equipment should be placed to the left side of the screen, next to the radar. Way too much information in the bottom right corner. Probably move weapon icons back to the top right corner. I should be able to glance while seeing the map to see my ammo count, not look down and take my eyes off the main screen.

  • Absolutely NEED to add collision back for player/player bumping. Feels like I’m playing with ghosts.

  • For turning off “Auto clamber” need to make it so holding Jump from the jump is enough to trigger the clamber. Shouldn’t have to press the jump button an additional time after clambering to climb.

  • Add back free camera around your corpse. Feels like I’m stuck Everytime I die.

  • Can we please rotate our Spartans when editing Body and AI?

  • It’s a bit jarring that some weapons are denoted by their official names like “BR75” and “S7 Sniper” but the Banished weapons are just basic names. I’d much prefer everything just be called what it is, “Rocket Launcher”, “Battle Rifle” while in game, then maybe when you’re in the armory picking skins you can do extra fancy names. I also imagine a new player coming in, when only reading weapon names, having no idea what an “M41 SPNKr” is.

  • Menu flashes when viewing all options for the first time it seems.

  • Severely reduce cooldown on multiple Grapplehook shots. For customs, Spiderman. For normal play, if a player wants to blow their load of grappleshots, they should be able to.

  • Skewer does not auto reload while zoomed in when clip is empty.

  • Bodies and destroyed vehicles should stick around longer and be more interactable after death.

  • If someone gets hit with a skewer, it would be a cool effect to see their body get pinned to the wall.

  • Need to bring back gravity manipulation for the gravity hammer. Feels pretty meh without it.

  • Please enable friendly fire.

  • Would love to see a scoreboard/time in Training Mode.

  • Would love to separate AI Voice from the shape of the personal AI.

  • Frequent glitch where holding the button to continue matchmaking right after a match would soft lock the game at a “Loading… 0” screen. In addition, I would love to see the constant matchmaking come back, versus having to hit “Play” every single match.

  • Need to make scoreboard in game not toggle, or at least make that an option. Very annoying to click the scoreboard after death then see it still appear after spawning.

  • Bug when viewing the post game score, both teams turned all one color for some reason.

  • Had a small graphical glitch where a “0” appeared where the points appear while viewing teammate intros.

  • Absolutely hate the vehicle manipulation when in the air. It feels very awkward and players have way too much control. I would prefer it not in the game, but if it must be, significantly reduce player control of the vehicle. “Leaning” shouldn’t be able to make the entire vehicle rotate midair. This essentially turns every jump into a perfect landing, meaning players no longer have to worry how they hit jumps or at what angle.

  • Team score needs to be moved or reoriented. Should be in a lower corner, with both bars facing the same way, one on top of the other. It’s very hard to tell at a glance who’s winning, especially since the number score blends in with the color of the scoreboard itself. By placing them vertically stacked, it should be fairly obvious at a glance who’s winning. Could even put the winning team score on top for a faster bit of information.

  • Flag melee needs to be a one hit kill.

  • Needler is a bit OP, as is the AR.

  • Commando is worthless. Either need to up the damage or reduce the recoil.

  • Nowhere near enough indication that a vehicle is going to explode, and honestly, would prefer the “doomed state” be taken out entirely, especially for players like myself that have volume turned off and can’t hear the beeping.

  • Shouldn’t destroy previous drop walls when placing new ones. It would be fun to make a little dome or a bigger/thicker wall with multiple charges.

  • Small graphical issue with the blue light texture on the pillars surrounding Behemoth.

  • On the ground outside Behemoth, in front of the pillar directly behind one of the bases, there’s a texture gap line that’s pretty significant.

  • Flag return time is way too short when someone is sitting on the flag. Pretty much guarantees a return if any enemy player can sit on it. This is especially noticed in Big Team, when much effort can be put into inching the flag across the map only to have one guy return it in 5 seconds.

  • The “loot caves” are pretty redundant. I unlocked the door for 30 seconds, went in and grabbed a Skewer. Walked out the exit only to find another Skewer spawned on the ground in front of me, which begs the question, why did I bother waiting 30 seconds and stopping the flow of gameplay? It’s a good idea in theory, but need to do something more to stand out. It would be great if there was a console to spawn vehicles, or change the map in some way such as raising/lowering the hex pillars or spawning one way shields around the map, or even opening a secret pathway to the enemy base.

  • Should be a sweeping shot of players when entering Big Team, instead of just the four players your squad is made of. In addition, I don’t like having a “squad” of random players. This mechanic that highlights fireteam members differently should only apply to people in my lobby that I actually went into matchmaking with, not randoms on my team.

> - Need to make scoreboard in game not toggle, or at least make that an option. Very annoying to click the scoreboard after death then see it still appear after spawning.

Just thought I’d mention there was an option to turn this off in settings. But you’re right, it should be by default set to “hold”