Thoughts and improvements to customization (armor, colors, emblem)

When it comes to customization I much prefer to choose which armor to unlock by either purchasing it with credits earned from playing like in Halo Reach or going for achievements like in Halo 3. In Infinite you have to unlock things in the battle pass in a specific order. This means you have to unlock almost everything before you can choose freely what armor to equip (rather than choosing and unlocking only the armor that you like first). A compromise 343 could make is by giving us alternate ways to unlock certain armors (with achievements?) and/or give us some choice (even if limited) of in which order to unlock battle pass tiers (Halo MCC handles this pretty well already by letting you choose which tiers to unlock first between every 10 or so tiers).

I also want the freedom to choose my own color combinations like in previous games. It’s lame only having the few (and will always be relatively few) armor coatings that everybody else have. 343 could solve this by making the armor coatings only determine where primary/secondary/etc. colors appear on the armor and what patterns and material properties they have in different places like they do already. But the colors themselves should be completely up to the player to choose. This would give the game tons more customization compared to previous Halo games, while the existing armor coatings stay relevant and play an important part of customization like 343 likely wants. 343 could even keep a few of the armor coatings locked to certain colors, like the pro team armor coatings and the green anniversary armor coating. I’ve seen this suggested by others too and it would actually be such a huge improvement to customization.

Another note is that you can’t really customize your emblem anymore, and that’s a shame. It’s something you’ve been able to do in most of the games and even though it was simple it let you create a very unique symbol for yourself. Now you simply pick from a relatively small selection of finished emblems that everybody, or at least a lot of players, have. Sure you can change the color palette but it’s barely anything in comparison to the old system. I don’t know if 343 would address this but they could at least let us choose each and every color of the emblems freely rather than have us choose between color palettes. Optimally 343 would just give us the old emblem customization system and perhaps keep the current emblems’ banners to use as only the background behind the player’s name. Then 343 could even let us choose the color of the banner too, why not?

In summary, the customization in Infinite is in practice really limited and I’d say worse rather than improved compared to previous games. But it could be fixed and even made better than previous games if 343 really tries to. Also, I’ll give credit for letting us choose our spartans’ body shape, voice, prosthetics, AI, etc. That is cool.

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