Thoughts and ideas feedback

First wanted to say this game the sound the feel and the look all amazing. That being said, I know it’s in beta test, but I believe there should be two different types of ranking systems one for the battle pass that’s your level up and also one for each playlist or game mode if you would rather that you should bring it back to the Halo 3 ranking system because there was nothing like playing with your group of buddies or playing in a doubles or solos and getting that five-star general rank those are the good old days and also a leaderboard would be great with KD and points per game. So, you can know who you’re stacked up against at least and playing with and let’s be real I won’t be the first and I won’t be the last to say it, but Halo was definitely made to dominate The Battle Royale genre, so I hope somewhere you guys can find it in your heart to make some type of mode that way, but I would also love it if you could make it, so you’re an ODST soldier dropping in to the map these are just some of my thoughts trust me I have plenty more love this game you guys did a remarkable job look forward to playing it in the future and I want to see honestly Halo Infinite live forever.

Totally agree with the ranked system side of things , but I think a battle Royale is probably pushing it a bit as there’s not enough weapons or vehicles variations to cover a map big enough to play a battle Royale.

It would be a Battle Rifle Battle Royale (BRBR) .

If they were to dive into all the maps and guns and vehicles from all the previous interations of Halo trust me they’d have more than enough guns and variety for an awesome Battle Royale