Thoughts about what's wrong with Halo Infinite

I’ve played every halo that’s come out and I can’t stomach playing this game the way it’s meant to be played. I’m so distracted while in matches, I’m trying to do challenges. All I’m thinking every match is “what challenge can I complete”. I cant even enjoy the game I waited years to play cause every single aspect of the game revolves around challenges rather then rewarding you for playing the objective as a team. You’ve created a grind that is going to cause your player base to burn out over getting these stupid challenges done each week. You have stolen the things we loved about halo, being rewarded for staying in a match, toughing it out, and play the objective! We cant even pick ours colors, We cant even pick a specific game mode to play, we cant mute people who are being rude/mean while in a match, we cant see our challenges while at the tab or esc screens. You have failed your player base and it breaks my heart.

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When you design a progression system that incentivizes restricting players on how they engage in a match so they can complete a tedious challenge requirement then your system is beyond repair

The idea to remove performance-based XP was obviously to monetize the concept of progression through challenge-swaps and that’s truly regressive design and will hurt long-term retention.