Those IGN videos make H4 look terrible

Sprinting all the time, it’s horrible and that’s all everyone does in those videos. Make it so it’s something a player would only do in some situations, not needing to do it all the time.

And can we please no have the AA’s as pick ups? That way they all don’t need to be almost useless. Imagine that hardlight shield spawning somewhere only in CTF games and it is beefed up so its badass so its something teams want to control. Rather than useless which is what it currently looks and will have to be if people spawn with it.

Less sprint more base movement speeds.

All the other stuff videos looked great, but these actual gameplay things looked horrible.

Halo 4 alone was doing a pretty good job on that, but IGN is just giving it a little nudge.

At first I thought it looked great but the closer I look the less I like it.

No friendly fire

Pretty slow base movement speed in those IGN videos

Doesn’t zoom out weapons when you get shot at

People sprinting all the time

I just hope the beats are easy to dodge like in H3, in Reach its impossible to jump out of a double beaters range with the huge auto aim

Go to Machinima on youtube, I find the videos way better.

Can someone link the IGN videos please? I would like to see.


Yes, IGN -Yoinked!- with movement speeds lol. If I were 343, I’d explain IGN’s fail. It looks slow, even at the time he jumped, it looked like Reach.

This isn’t the videos I’ve been seeing.

I hope the movement speed stays like it was in the Conan clip and previous interview videos.

IGN must have messed with the settings to make it like Reach! None of the other videos I have seen have had Spartans be so slow and low-jumping. Another fail by IGN.

The thing that was terrible was the idiot playing the game. I don’t think he/she got more than three kills in all five parts.

The Halo waypoint videos look good.

Don’t do IGN, they are always exaggerating things, or just lying or wrong infomation

I wouldnt put it past ign to not hold the stick all the way forward to walk slower and crouch jump to make it look worse.

> I wouldnt put it past ign to not hold the stick all the way forward to walk slower and crouch jump to make it look worse.

Neither would I. Seeing all the other vids and then this crap, I’m leaning towards them having tweaked the settings or messed with the playback.

if i remember correctly i read somewhere that the videos were custom games that did not have the default settings implemented

I’m guessing IGN lowered the movement speed so their players could actually hit something XD

Walshy said something about movement speed being pretty fast, so I’m sure they changed the settings.