Thomas the Dank Engine is Recruiting again,62%comp

>>>What to expect from us
We are the plague of the solo and average groups experience on Halo 5 and we are the remedy for that experience as well. We are a company that takes pride in our skill, teamwork, and dedication(to each other and the company).

  • Public games: We dominate across the game and on every battlefield, if you don’t believe us then play with us. There will be next to no games we lose as a Company. - Organization and communication: We are most likely THE MOST organized Spartan Company out there in terms of Warzone organization and communication. - **Mission: To be the best Spartan Company and provide the best experience to all our members.**Mission statement:
    To provide a challenging, well-balanced Halo experience which focuses on competitive and educational experiences in Arena and Warzone and further an understanding and appreciation of strategy and teamwork.

Almost filled and almost complete kill commendation set 3