Thom-A293 Alive?

Spartan III Thom-A293 supposively died in March 2552 on Fumirole when he detonated a Havok tactical nuke inside a CCS-class Covenant Battlecruiser (check out the Halo: Reach “Deliver Hope” video on YouTube). Now here’s the theory: if Thom knew that throwing an active nuke just a few meters in front of him with a minute or less to blow is pretty much suicide…why would he turn tail and run? If it was me, I’d accept it, take off my helmet, light a Sweet William cigar and enjoy the fireworks. I think Spartan Thom survived. Colonel Ackerson has always been adept at staging elaborate facades solely for acquiring assets. Remember the trouble he went through to acquire Kurt? At one point in Ghosts of Onyx, it was stated Ackerson wanted Tom-B292 from Beta Company to run his personal black ops missions. Maybe that’s what he wanted Thom for? Thom couldn’t have jumped off the ship or taken a vehicle, he wouldn’t have had time to clear the blast radius and someone would have seen him. 3 possibilities: first; he went into armor lock to escape the initial blast and waited in the wreckage until it was clear…I know, I know (BS!!!); Second, he had a personal prototype slipspace generator and jumped a short space away. “But he had a jetpack on!”–true but he may have had an alternate plug on him and switched them out real quick. Third; there was some kind of stealth exfil craft waiting nearby and he jumped in/on (with jet pack or stealthily with an active camo plug). I say it’s possible. The one thing that set me off on this crazy conspiracy theory is the fact he turned and ran. I’m sure he knew full well how a Havok nuke operates…why run!!! Feedback?

Maybe he wanted to look badass, like explosion behind me but i don´t give a s**t ^^

Joke away, maybe there was a forerunner teleporting system on that ship and he used it to escape

Interesting theory. It sounds pretty solid, I think it would be really cool if he did happen to survive and is working for ONI or something.

Conspiracy Intensifies

Unlikely for theory to be true in any way, as it is just like Sam of Blue Team’s death, but “Spartans never die”, right?

Interesting theory, I like it.


He turned and attempted an escape because it was in his nature as a Spartan. They’re trained to continue operating until something stops them. Whether or not he knew he wouldn’t make it is irrelevant; his training dictated that he attempt an escape anyway. Thom B293 is dead.

Interesting theory

I think it would be cool if the made a reach 2 or something and put thom it.

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