This would make a great game

Hi guys, it’s just me chimeing in again to remind you all of the way Halo MM should be.

1.Take Instant Respawn out of every playlist and just act like it never existed. It is horrible and flys in the face of everything that a true shooter is.

2.Remove Join in Progress, yes completely.

3.Remove the power weapons from the map and Overshields. There should only be personal ordanance. This really helps to insure that players are earning thier rewards. 343, YOU HAD THIS RIGHT IN THE BEGINING.

4.Give Slayer Pro it’s own playlist. It is so obvious after playing so much Slayer that almost no one (including myself) wants to play Slayer Pro because it always gets voted out and when I JIP a game it’s almost always Slayer Pro because most people quit out. I would like to vote for other maps besides Adrift. This makes the most sence to give the pro guys what they want and give Infinity guys what we want. That is always how it was, you had Slayer and Hardcore, and they were never to be mixed.

5.Give us back the KOTH playlist.