This wasp exploit is frustrating to say the least

Not sure if you’re aware but there is this busted mechanic where if you’re in a wasp and you get grappled, you can simply exit the vehicle before the grappler reaches you and hold the button to re-enter it mid-air and it basically makes you un-jackable.

The person grappling to you just bounces off and falls. When it should in theory make the grappling player take over the unmanned vehicle since nobody is in it, since doing that in any other circumstances works. But you don’t, you bounce off and often times get killed by the wasp user or fall to your death down a pitfall.

In this last game the user had over 50 kills in a streak because no power weapons would spawn capable of killing the thing and whenever someone would attempt to grapple jack them, they’d abuse this exploit to stay in the vehicle.


The wasp is overpowered even with the Grapple, so I couldn’t imagine how it would be if it was un-jackable. Let’s hope they fix something here, or it will become Halo 2, hide in your base -style gameplay, all over again :thinking:


I got the 35 kills without dying metal by hopping into a wasp last night. Having been on both sides of that it’s absolutely without a doubt op. I’ve seen matches get decided, because the enemy team got 2, or 3 wasps all at once. At that point it’s just spawn killing till the match ends.


Thankfully I haven’t seen to many people abusing this exploit yet but this person was adept at it, I spent the majority of the game trying to stop them, attempted to jack them over a dozen times and each time they used this exploit to deny me. All the while the rest of their team is pressing our flag making it impossible to take the thing down with spawn weapons.

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Can’t wait to try this next time I’m in a wasp!!!


Ive noticed that grappling vehicles in general is rather hit or miss when it comes to both player attempts to hijack/destroy or escape.

I’ve had more players jump out of tanks knowing they’re in trouble than should be possible.


Everything about boarding in this game is messed up.


It’s not just the wasp. This is a mechanic that works on all vehicles.


True but its infinitely more frustrating with the wasp.

Have you tried shooting at the wasp till it dies?

Sustained small arms fire can kill even a tank in this game due to vehicles having their own hp. Also the reason this happens is likely because of a check associated with the grapple hook and functions pertaining to entering a grabbed vehicle. Possibly looking like this in pseudo code/flow chart:

is vehicle grappled?
is seat currently grappled occupied?
on completion of grapple, enter unoccupied seat
upon completion of grapple run vehicle boarding code

The issue is the check is run ONCE and because the pilot had bailed there is no second check on grapple completion for the state of the pilot seat. Instead the game treats it as if you had grabbed onto a piece of scenery to move around the map.

Its probably something engine level that if changed could lead to more issued than its worth to fix this one oversight. If a wasp gives you a hard time and the majority of your team or those aware are NOT making an effort to shoot the offending pilot down, then you deserve your fate tbh

Kind of hard to do when you’re playing BTB and the entire enemy team is pushing your base, all while this wasp is pecking you from behind cover. Look up, get shot by the other team. Look down, get shot by the wasp. I spent nearly the entire game shooting the wasp as often as I could and attempting to jack it but a good wasp user can dodge most fire and hide, hitting and running. I chased him down in a hog to his base, only to watch him swap out for a fresh wasp.

Either way, its just annoying such an exploit is even possible.

Did you try shooting it with a BR/HiPoint? Wasps take zero damage and explode

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Fixed that for you. You’re welcome!


Stop exaggerating, dude. I have had enough of your lies. Nothing functions properly? Really? You honestly believe that? Get over your false ego.

I can prove you wrong because the store took my money JUST FINE! :rofl:

I bet if the store ever had an issue it would be fixed long before “season 2!”

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oh 100% they would hotfix that so quick it would melt the plastic of your ethernet cable.

Ill take tjat as a no

Actual pro tip.

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Surely there’s a hydra on the map somewhere?

Also, thanks for sharing the exploit on here, I had no idea about it

Good. Grappling should have never been a guaranteed hijack to begin with.

You can do this with any grappled vehicle, and the wasp is like paper so if a couple of people just shoot it with an AR it goes down pretty quick, and it’s not like it’s easy to time the disembark when grappled mechanic.