This update made it worse.. not kidding...

So my friend got on to attempt to play the game, like he does with every update and when it fails he gets off. I attempted to invite him, it didn’t work, it didn’t work when he invited me either. we restarted the game a lot. still the same glitch where it says “kick player” even if no one is there.

I see in the patch notes they fixed a lot of party related issues… lol… I have lost the ability to join people and the person i’m trying to join is experiencing the same thing

I can concur. Mine keeps freezing everytime I try to join different playlists

i just get stuck in MM serching forever… WoW good patch…

Is anybody surprised by this?
So far, every patch has made things worse for a lot of people.

Mine was just working. Me and 3 friends got about 3 to 4 games of halo 2 classic back to back with us backing out of the game still grouped after every match, only it would change party leader after every match for some odd reason.
after our 4th match, the game is now glitchy. The planet and stars in the background is now a complete black screen, we can no longer recieve invite notifications from one another, and every time we search for a game, who ever is the leader, the game will crash…this is redicilous, updates are no longer nothing to look foward to.

Its happening to everyone

I can’t even get into a match, back to square one.