This update is lackluster. PLEASE get the next one right

Top priorities for the next major update should be:

  1. More playlists:
    Ranked needs AT MINIMUM:
    2v2 Slayer
    4v4 Attrition (3 rounds to win, 2 second revive timers)

Social needs:
Shottys and Snipers/Shock Rifles and Snipers

  1. Ranked needs fixing. Hidden stats should not have any effect on ranks. It should be an unbiased skill rating. BOT MATCHES SHOULD HAVE NO EFFECT AT ALL ON RANKED. You should simply gain points when you win, lose points when you lose. THATS IT. Halo 5s had a few of its own problems but it was definitely superior to this system. So start back with Halo 5s system, then make small improvements over time.

  2. Customs browser would be a massive step forward. Adds so much replayability.

  3. Any form of XP progression system would be a good incentive to keep playing. Could be Halo 5s Spartan Rank 152, could be Halo Reachs system, could be Halo 3s. Really doesn’t matter that much, just do something to be able to show progression.

  4. Service Records should be a high priority to get into the game ASAP. They help give the game meaning as you can show your stats, ranks, etc. They need to come back and be easily viewable in game.

These are the immediate changes which they havent mentioned which imo need the most attention. New maps, more modes, customisation fixes, etc. can come later. We just need something meaningful to get the game in a decent spot to be able to hold out for season 2 and beyond.

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Isnt it funny that Halo 5 already does this?

It already has ranked FFA and 2v2.

It already has customs browser.

It already has a progression system.

Why did 343 go backwards?


I’m still waiting for the first major update.

They have basically done nothing, and it looks like they are doing nothing.

Considering the game was supported with 2 years (12x longer than Infinite at this point), not particularly as some of what you cite wasn’t available within the 3 month window of Halo 5’s launch, merely present by the end of its lifespan.

FFA was a launch mode, but 2v2 was not, scouring Google I can’t find a reference date on when it was added.

Added a year and a month after launch for reference.

Comparatively we have a year or so to wait.

Yes it did, it’s ridiculous this simple system was left out.

In some ways they did, in some ways they didn’t.

It’s easy to compare a game that is fully fleshed out after its lifespan has come and gone, to one that is still very much in its infancy.


Just because it’s coming doesn’t mean it shouldn’t already here.

We should’ve had all those things on launch. All of them.

And since it doesn’t it will forever lag behind halo 5 until they get added.

The moment forge drops I’m going to ask for my missing custom game options that are present in halo 5 since day one.

Halo infinite has a lot of catching up to do

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You’re right, all 12 updates to Halo 5 should’ve been present at launch.

Halo MCC should’ve had all of its updates at launch too. Hell Halo 3 should’ve had all ported content from ODST, and ODST should’ve had Flood in firefight too.

Sarcasm aside, any update or inclusion is going to take time to implement. While Infinite should’ve launched in a much cleaner more supported state than it did, the same could be said about Halo 5. Hopefully by the end of the 2 years precedence that Halo 5 set, Infinite is able to stand tall for the remaining 8 of its projected lifespan.

Some of them sure, all of them is a bit of an over reach. Standard inclusions like a progression system, more diversified game modes, or a Crossplay filter I understand. But everything that Halo 5 had at the end of its life, at the start of Halo Infinite is a bit of a stretch.

Considering Halo 5 isn’t on the charts even after its 2 years of compounded content updates, it seems to be lagging behind Halo Infinite statistically even in its broken dehydrated state.

Launch modes for H5G that are in Infinite:

  • CTF
  • SWAT
  • Team Slayer
  • FFA
  • Strongholds

Launch modes for H5G that are not in Infinite:

  • Warzone
  • Breakout
  • SWAT magnums

So Warzone, Breakout and Tac Slayer Sidekick then? Fair enough.

Oh absolutely it does.


Those modes mean nothing if not in the right playlists.

Halo is an arena game. Not an arcade game. It should be mostly competitive. Not mostly casual.

Halo infinite can have all the modes it wants but if there is no ranked slayer, ranked FFA etc then there is no point.

Unless something like warzone and breakout comes about then even with new maps and new modes it still won’t be on par with halo 5.

You say it’s a stretch to have halo 5s features in halo infnite but in my eyes That’s exactly how it should’ve launched.

Halo infinite should had exactly to the T EVERYTHING that Halo 5 has and then MORE added on top. Why would they release anything less?

When forge drops you do know that it’ll still be less than Halo 5 right? Halo 5 has a vast number of options because of the ablities. Without these settings forge won’t be as fun.

To each their own

The historic precedence of casual and ranked separation within the franchise as a whole refutes this claim.

Features that were added to H5G at a later date, and are most likely getting the same treatment in Infinite as well.

Sounds more like personal opinion than flat fact.

Just because new content is added in one game, doesn’t mean that it’s suddenly a standard for the franchise.

Firefight was ignored for 4, and haphazardly included at the very tail end of Halo 5.

Spartan Ops was a one time deal that nobody seemed upset about being omitted in Halo 5 or Infinite.

Warzone was exclusively a mode built around the Req system, something that would be interesting to see how it’ll be handled in a post-loot box market if included at all.

There are a plethora of official modes that didn’t make the cut between titles, but that hardly sets a precedent for completeness between titles.

That’s a bold claim to make for something only a few people have gotten their hands on so far lol.

Most of which aside from Spartan charge, hover, and ground pound exist in Halo Infinite.

Sprint, clamber, and even thruster can still be utilized. So a third/half of the “vast” selection of 6 intrinsic abilities can still be utilized, with a few others substituting in for the ones that are removed scattered across the map.

Hopefully with a needed reworked custom games menu alongside Forge, the possibilities could be expansive.

For you maybe, I can’t wait to see what new maps and map designs and experiences come out of Forge.

To each their own I suppose.

First of all the thruster pack doesn’t even work the same as Halo 5. So every single custom game that uses the thruster pack is dead in the water.

We also don’t have an opinion for infinite equipment so even if you wanted to make something like Halo 5. You can’t

Ground, spartan charge, and stabilize added a lot of options to custom game modes. And I mean A LOT. Favorites from Halo 5 custom games won’t be possible now.

There is no settings for the equipment. Even if the thruster pack worked like Halo 5s did there still isn’t options to change it like the speed of the thruster or the cool downs

So yes. Even when forge drops it will have LESS options to play with. Maybe they release better custom games options with forge but as it stands forge would be useless without good custom games options.

Collision. Without it many game modes are not possible. Many infection ideas are now dead in the water. Games like duck hunt are also off the table.

So no. I’m not making a bold claim. I’m simply pointing the lack of options. There should be MORE options. Not less options. Options shouldn’t be taken away.

I actually like spartan ops but obviously things take priority over others. I would rather see a brand new warzone than sparatn ops. With that said tho halo infinite should have EVERYTHING. I mean it’s called halo infinite right? I should be able to play all versions of firefight. Warzone. Breakout. Litterally everything should be in the game. Ofcourse it can’t launch with absolutely everything but overall as it stands the way Halo 5 is now halo infinite should’ve added on top. Not remove and change.

Adding options > taking away options

And Halo 5’s Thruster Pack doesn’t work the same way as Halo 4.

Mechanics don’t necessarily need to be identical to be functional.

Who says there can’t be in time? Think of all the stuff that didn’t exist in Halo 5 before it did.

Things can change and have changed, acting like it’s impossible is silly.

List a few then.

A bold claim, but one that has yet to come to fruition. We shall see in time, but I have a feeling that nothing will ever satisfy you even if it’s something good.

Are you just going to keep nitpicking without the possibility that things can change?

You’re still making bold claims, living in an “Alternat” reality where changes are impossible to be made doesn’t make you right lol

Halo 5 was called Halo, but hardly resembled it lol

Once again, changes can be made to add options back in lol

We’re three months in to a claimed 10 year experience. There’s still 40x more time left in this game according to the long term plans. If you don’t like Infinite, go back to Halo 5 or MCC until it becomes something you’d enjoy playing.

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Halo 4 and halo infinites thruster pack is a step backwards. Halo 5s thrust is a step forward and because of that you were able to use it for more than just an ability to dodge. Hence why I bring up the thrust slide. They removed it. Why would they remove an option. Why remove? Why not ADD???

Your argument books down to. “Well it can change”.

Well no ish. Ofcourse it can. But will it?

Still till this day there hasn’t been a peep on collision so until they speak on it this “it can change” argument doesn’t hold weight.

When forge comes out and it doesn’t have more options then I’ll come back and say I told you so. It’s a video game. I want to have fun. Not be limited because someone at 343 said it “wasn’t Halo enough”. The grapple isn’t halo enough but yet it’s in the game. Same with Sprint. Same with collision. This whole “didn’t resmble halo” nonsense needs to be thrown out the window because if you want to make that arugument with Halo 5 then I can for sure make that argument for Halo infinite

Well I have this exact same sort of deal going on with DeadCassette and AlternatVolt about change too, so we’ll see if you or the next person to use the same identical arguments is “ganna” follow through as well lol.

Until then stop torturing yourself like those other “two” and play something you enjoy instead of getting so angwy with something you don’t have to play.

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Idk why your so bent on defending a game with less options in it.

It’s a video game. Don’t you want to have fun with it? Don’t you want to have options?

How is no collision not a huge issue for you?

Sure. I can go back to whatever game I have fun in but isn’t it frustrating that we get less this time around?

Think about it. If you go into custom games right now there is barely anything you can do. You can change the speed of your spartan. The weapons you hold. But that’s literally it.

In halo 5. You can make a game mode based around the ground pound alone (like ground pound arena back in the day). You can do this with each abliity. You can remove all the ablities and Jack up the stablize and make a game mode around that.

OPTIONS. My guy. Options. Why don’t you want them?

The more elective options the better, I’m not against that nor have I ever been. Elective options are what enabled the vast expanse of custom game modes and maps that define the the Halo experience outside of the typical core gameplay buffet. And more elective options will ensure that trend continues into the future of this franchise.

With more options, settings, and choice added to Infinite, the H5G fans can get what they want without it superseding the people who enjoy the gameplay that already is. More options also potentially gives fans of H4, H3, Reach and other titles the ability to craft and enjoy an experience they are missing out on with Infinite’s gameplay choices. So I’m all in for more elective options giving players a vast selection of choice for the gameplay they want to enjoy.

However the closer to a vanilla Halo gameplay experience in core gameplay the better compared to the hyper-focused movement and twitch shooter gameplay of H5G for regular and ranked play. Even if it’s not a “classic” core Halo experience, it’s far closer to one than H5G was.

Or, how about comparing it to Halo 4 that was actually a complete game when it released as far as I know. That was how many years ago?

Knowing 343 had 6 years and supposedly 500 million into this game. Infinite should have easily been released as a complete game, but it’s not even half a game. Plus they out sourced some of their work.

So the question stands, WTH are they doing that this game is majorly lacking in every aspect of it?