This update = beggining of the Halo Silver Age.

Honestly, the latest update is awesome. It feels like a labor of love from 343 to the fans.

Halo 5 has its weaknesses, namely on the story side. Also, some people do not like the REQ system too and the way the game is being monetized.

Even though the relationship between 343 and the fans has been tense and difficult at times, I believe 343 has shown they care for what the fans want in this update. Of course, people will always want more, and not everyone can be fully satisfied, but 343 has answered some of the fans requests. I think we have to admit that.

With more upcoming updates, I am optimistic for the game’s future.

Halo 5’s multiplayer is stellar. It offers something for everybody now :

  1. Forge for creators.
  2. Forge browser + Warzone + Social playlists for casual.
  3. Ranked playlists for competitive people.

With the REQ system open to Forge creators, there are so many toys to use to create new custom game modes.

The community feels quite healthy. It doesn’t feel dead at all.

A game’s multiplayer rarely feels this alive that far into its lifespan. I think we have to realize that. I never thought I’d be playing this game for so long.

Yes the REQ monetization system is the price to pay to get such updates. But what a game needs to survive is a solid playerbase, buzzing around the news of incoming updates.

How do you feel about this update? Do you feel a new era of optimism incoming for Halo?

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> Halo 5’s multiplayer is stellar.

Indeed it is swell and splendid and stupendous.

I’m just hoping the optimism this update has brought to the community will hold the test of a few weeks. The content added and the long list of changes made can/will bring some players back. I personally know 2 players who are coming back after seeing this new update

So let’s see, Halo CE to 3 (or Reach) Golden age. (Reach maybe) to Halo 4 Dark age. Then Halo 5 the beginning of the silver age. Hmmmm.