This topic again

Don’t want to flame.
Don’t want to insult.
Just want to discuss about the game.
And its problem. First this game isn’t dead, but it’s a bit broken.
So, lets talk.

  1. DMR - Bloom
    Bloom is awful, you can destroy a shield and you cannot get an headshot, not right.
    I whink this can be fixed having a 4-shot DMR, so 110% Damage and 90% Resistance.
    With this settings weapons are like in Halo 3 and Sniper isn’t one shot kill.
    Or just fix (and i mean “eliminate”) bloom. End.

  2. Armor Lock
    Not a bad thing. Just the most unbalanced and overused AA in the game.
    I’d like to see a 3/2 seconds Armor Lock. Another solution would be restricting it to BTB, awful only when you use a Vehicle.

  3. Slow game
    Not a very big problem, but this game, compared to other FPSs likes so… so slow. But I think this is going to be fixed with the classic playlist.

  4. Maps - Oooh, maps
    Maps are good, but some spawns, for example in Pinnacle or in The Cage are orrible.
    I’d like to see “team spawns” in The Cage and Blue Team in Pinnacle with more spawns in more aress.

  5. Lag
    Don’t know why, just want to see it fixed. Maybe it’s due of lack of servers.
    But I know that it costs.

  6. New Maps - Remakes (Like Valhalla) - More “forge a map” contests to play more maps in Community Slayer.

  7. If possible, bring back the 1-50 ranking system and divide Playlist in ranked and social.

Sorry for my bad gram, I’m not english (14 Years old italian).

Have fun with this game boys / girls,