This thread may or may not contain leeks.

I like to think of myself a comedian of sorts.

Bro, do you even leeks? GOML

Uhhh… guys?


Not the leek!

Monitors, take note.

Omg, now i got the joke.

OK, now it’s time to panic!

Mods gotta educated more people 'bout leeks!

MMMm not the thread I first expected to read after I woke up…

It’s mod fest here

Guys!..uh I think this is a DEFCON 1 alert!!!

Leek? LEEK!!!

Attention: We have a Leek…This is not a drill.

Leeked Photo of Halo 5’s new antagonist


Im not smart enough to create a good leek joke, so, just have a picture of a leek

What’s the source? This leak seems abit of a fake to me, doubt it’s real.

I am so glad this thread didn’t end up being a case of this: to leek, or not to leak.

Thank you everyone. Started my day off with a very hardy guffaw

> Omg, now i got the joke.

Made me think of this.

Btw, leeks are

Attention Spartans, ODST’s, Marines and Recruits alike:

We have initial reports of the new form of The Flood in the next adventure.

Monitors, your on your own :0

> Attention Spartans, ODST’s, Marines and Recruits alike:<mark>The Flood</mark>

Uh-Oh…Flood Leek Forms. We’re in trouble now.