This social matchmaking is a living hell

I tried to win two games all night. Always poorly balanced game. I was always or almost always positive. This challenge system I just can’t anymore. And that hidden rank in social drive mad ! It’s f***ing HELL


You can always have a bad night.

It’s been posted that form can fluctuate by plus or minus 150 points on any given day.

A quick look on Halo Tracker - 8 & 17 from last 25. Ouch. Not a great run.

Glancing through the last 10 games and the results don’t seem super horrendous; 0:0, 3:2, 75:100, 3:2, 100:86, 34:50, 50:34, 50:38, 41:50, and 38:50. Although I have no context for those games -ie. at what stage they became a lost cause.

Hopefully it was just a bit of bad luck.

And your KD for those last 25 games was a titch under 1.2 - so kudos for at least holding up your end of the deal.

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Whenever someone tells me to stop I just think of Black Adder goes Forth and the telegram from Charlie Chaplin.


As for my post. Not sure exactly what I did wrong… just pointed out that you can indeed have a bad day. Had plenty of them myself. And with much worse K/D than the OP!

Let me guess. What I was supposed to do was pat the OP on the back and say there there… it’s just 343 hand picking team-mates from a carefully curated roster of loss inducing numpties until you buy something from the store.

PS, don’t let him ever. Stop


You’re trying to quantify his losses and wins. He shouldn’t be doing so good in the game and being punished for being the better player. He shouldn’t be teamed with players that are that much worse than him almost every game.

Losing a game would make sense if the whole team when negative or barely positive, but when a few bad apples turn the game into a loss, that isn’t fair.

That happened in all of his games considering he had an overall positive KD. The same which I guarantee can’t be said about his teammates. You can’t defend that.


Unless you have a challenge to win, there’s literally no point in trying.


Lmao what, you’re going positive all the time. I’ll win one game positive and the game will punish me for having fun and put me with people who sweat so much they’re the ones causing rising sea levels…. I’ll end up k:4 d:23 (that actually happened right after I won a previous game with a positive kd of 16/7)

It’s like the game punishes you for playing.


It absolutely does. I am not a sensitive guy. But I love Halo very much. Seriously that night almost brought me to tears. It was just painful. If playing had a taste on Halo Infinite it would taste like ash. Everything good about this game is destroyed by agressive player retention strategies…

Edit: For both side. good players and less good players


Funny thing was I wasn’t playing aggressive. I was just chillin and doing stupid things people do in halo like norm. Got kd of 16/7 and I start search for next game. Find a game and all the enemy team members are playing so hard like they’re competing for a million dollar cash prize. My team on the other hand are like the human personification of those peeps marshmallows but dumber than Lloyd from dumb&dumber

So much so my team believed the sand was the enemy.

I’m literally not making that up, my squad mates where literally allowing the enemy players to take the flag, whilst they where shooting the ground, punching the walls, and shooting warthogs with sidekicks. I manages some how to capture one flag but afterwards the enemy team go so salty that I wouldn’t just let them win they decided to have 2 set sniper camping spots, a guy with a bulldog sit in spawn, and the 4th dude run back and forth with the flag while t-bagging all he could. So I couldn’t spawn and move a single muscle whatsoever without having 50bmg in my chrome dome. The other thing that sucks is there’s no spawn protection so it’s immediate death.

The sucky thing is, you do one good game but afterwards you have to lose 3 games to downgrade back to the level you’re good/okay at. But once you win even if your team carries you; you go back to where you started. Back In the sweat fest of obese people so big they make Tammy from 1000-Poundsisters look like a mini-figure.

Btw I’m using iPhone so typo is absolute garbage. If you see any grammatical errors feel free to correct me. Thanks.

Edit: listen. I am trying to keep things light hearted in terms of my jokes. they’re just jokes so please don’t take anything I say seriously. I am pretty invested into halo so it does break my heart to see the position it’s in. So I try to be a little light hearted. Thanks🙏

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The lack of social slayer is what drives many players away from the game. It should be a social mode and a ranked team slayer mode.

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Waypoints app has a service record that showed your expected kills and expected deaths each game in addition to what you actually get.

Nor sure if that’s helpful or not though lol

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Isn’t that what the OP is doing.

And then aren’t people then trying to use that same thing to fit their narrative that 343 is conspiring against them?

Since when did one bad night become proof of a trend?

When did 8 & 17 become such an amazing outlier from random expectation that it supposedly leaves an ashen taste in someone’s mouth?

When did a K/D (not that I like K/D) of 1.18 be doing so good in the game that they need to be punished. Did I miss something here? When people are complaining of having to “carry a team” - do they mean a KD of more than 1.0?

How did going “almost or always positive” come from being positive in 16 out of 25 games. That’s still 9 games where it wasn’t positive. And seven of those positive games were by 3 or less.

I get it that people are frustrated by match making at the moment. Low population and what appears to be an overly aggressive push for low wait times over ping is super annoying.

But hyperbole and tin foil hat conspiracy theories are not helping.

It’s an interesting stat for 343 to focus on.

I’m assuming it’s based on the player’s KPM and DPM vs that level of opponent?

Josh Menke used to look up a player’s KPM. eg. If they asked whey they weren’t Diamond then he would say that it was because their KPM vs Diamond was ‘x’.

So, I would expect that if you are playing an opponent team that is Diamond 3 and your KPM vs Diamond 3 is 1.2 and the game went for 10 minutes - it would expect 12 kills?

I’ve started writing down the average MMR of my opponents and will spreadsheet expected vs result. And see if I can find a trend. Theoretically - if there is a correlation you should be able to plot your KPM vs oppenent rank… which should match up with your skill ceiling (ie. if you are Diamond 2 then your KPM should start to drop off at Diamond 3).

My guess is the formula has a lot of variables besides just the two that are reporting tbh. It’s probably reporting KD expectations based on MMR data. And I expect MMR calcs to be pretty complex.

The infamous post about the PvBots player who was getting matched against diamonds and onyx players in their first PvP games makes me think a lot of in-game action variables could be on the table for MMR. Stuff like ‘# of wall weapons used’, ‘# power weapons used’, ‘avg time from spawn to pickup’, ‘avg distance to team mates’.

Crazy stuff like that.

No doubt that the formulas are complex enough that I won’t be able to reverse engineer them in a simple spreadsheet.

Just the rounding errors alone will make it difficult - they always present expected kills and deaths as a whole number.

But damn, those curves are pretty.

Keep in mind that was unique one-off scenario.

More an “exploit” of TrueSkill2’s behaviour to assume a previous MMR when a player enters a new game mode.

I can only imagine 343’s match making meeting that week. “They did what?”.

Since then they have significantly lowered the MMR of the bots.

The stats nerd inside me can only dream of what they could be doing.

But sadly, one of the key design principles of TrueSkill2 is to minimise it’s data footprint. That’s why they have your past game history tied to a global MMR and not into each playlist’s MMR.

Cool data like that would be demanding on space - so unlikely to be practical.

Your global MMR has ‘x’ number of game data. I don’t think we’ve ever been told how many. But I imagine it’s as simple as sampling that game history for your KPM vs MMR graph.