This Site just doesnt feel Right

You guys should have ur own site and not Something based on

Bungie members wont join this site because Bungie site is better and we can acess Reach Stats and more… Halo needs its own site and not this based on

Make a 343 Site like or just a Halo Website so in future Halo Games we can have something like to see our stats etc… because if we dont have the same things than we are not evolving!


I agree with the topic title. This site just doesn’t feel right. But it will serve it’s purpose for the time being, I suppose. I can see 343 getting an official site of their own when their first entry into the Halo game universe in revealed. At least I hope.

i hope aswell.

type and see where it brings you.

A portion of, as noted earlier.

You do know this is a beta right?

Yes we do, which is why feedback at this point is most critical. I agree with the idea.

> Bungie members wont join this site because Bungie site is better and we can acess Reach Stats and more… Halo needs its own site and not this based on

I hope nobody from joins. Most of them are just stupid trolls.

But then how will this site feel like a forum without all the stupid trolls? You make me a sad sad panda.

I agree with this also since you are taking over our beloved halo you need to start transfering data from bungie to here. I know that for now bungie is currently going to keep track of stats but I dont see this being a prolong thing for them. Bungie is going to release there next game and will be changing things around from there. but with the I know 343 and bungie are in good contact so once you develope your stats pages and a better forum have bungie and 343 have a date where you guys will take over the stats and everything. Bungie started from the ground up and you guys are kinda getting this handed to you. so build that respect with the players. also a great idea I thought of was make a stats page people can pull up on waypoint so the players who dont have computers (yes I know most people do but not everyone can use there computers mostly talking about the younger players) can check there stats too and makes things easyer for gamers such as my self who would rather just pull up things on my xbox. Thank you for your time and have a good day

The site so far is serving its purpose. Since its in its Beta stages things are not going to be amazing. has been around a lot longer then 343 industries so its to be expected not to have all the great features that it has.

I don’t think that Waypoint will have all the stat trackers that Bungie has simply becuase 343i doesn’t have total rights to that content. I wouldn’t be suprised to see some later features added on for that, but nothing in the near future.

As previously stated I’m almost positive that it will recieve its own independent site. However, people must realize that 343i is being totally run by Microsoft. The studio is almost a branch off. Which isn’t bad, but thats one of the reasons its connected to

I’m sure will grow a lot bigger in the future as well. So for now just consider everyone here future veterans of the site. As most of us will be here for the long run, and will be more of the helpful contributors to the site. Almost like Founding Members.

~Renown Recon