this shouldnt be happening on reach.

every time i play team deathmatch, all i see are low ranks and generals. and in game when the generals kill the lower ranks, they talk trash about them and say to go sell reach. and its like, they are lower ranks, you shouldnt be talking trash to them about them not being about to kill you. anyone see this besides me? im getting sick of it!

Same here!

It’s very sick! Oh well…

Good for you to bring this up!

P.S. Just wondering, what rank are you?

I’m halfway to General grade 4, and I don’t talk trash, (Can’t figure out of to use the mic that came in the bundle anyway…) and if my mic did work why would I talk like that?

Firstly: Team Deathmatch is not a Halo Reach playlist. I believe it is a COD one.

Secondly: I have never seen this before.

Thirdly: If you don’t want to listen, switch the audio to team & party, go into party chat, or mute them.

This is a clear example of the “Greater Internet -Yoink-” theory postulated by Penny Arcade’s Dr. Jonathan Gabriel Phd MD DDS Esq -Yoink-.

In essence, he states that:

Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total -Yoink-.

Bottom line is that in any community, probably even in the most cloistered of religious monasteries, there’s gonna be jerks. It’s a universal invariant, and the reason why they have given us a mute button to silence these douchepickles. I only wish there was an RL Mute button so I could ignore the jerks I encounter in my everyday life.

i didn’t know halo reach had team death match. also no i don’t ever see or hear this.

It happens. But it’s not just about lower ranks. I have people trash talk me in the pre-game lobby, and I’m an Inheritor. People just need to put others down to feel good about themselves. The best option is just to mute them.

Oh no! He’s telling me something I don’t want to hear!

I’ll go complain on a forum and tell people that I can’t handle words!

grow up…

Solution: Mute them and block communications

> every time i play team deathmatch


Rank in Reach means nothing so I don’t know what you’re worked up about.

Rank =/= Skill

There are plenty of Inheritors that suck and plenty of Warrant Officers that are really good.

I’m always nice to people. Once in a 4 round game of CTF I went 75-0 and won the match easily. After the game I apologised to everyone for the unfair advantage.