this should change

If you want new maps or bigger environments let me know. Bigger maps or different themed and if this gets locked like my other one which was clearly not a petition im going to be mad. I must have missed the part where typing in your gamertag means its a petition. Man do I hate snickerdoodles they taste discusting

No. Just…no.

Since you obviously aren’t clear on the rules, let me point out a few things.

From the Halo Waypoint Forum Rules:

> What is spam?
> Spam is a post that does not contribute to the topic at hand. <mark>Spam includes but is not limited to single word responses, petitions</mark>, non-English posts, posts containing all-caps, and bumps (replies purposely made to move the thread to the top of the active thread list).

“Sign your gamertag” is a one word response. Thus, both your first and second threads were spam.

I said to make a thread promoting discussion. This one does not. You have simply copied/pasted the same thread with minimal changes instead of starting one with actual discussion points. In your last thread, your fellow forum goer CashMadeSheezzy linked you to a thread that should be highly relevant to your interests. Not only that, it is well presented and discusses virtually the same thing you are wishing to talk about. In case you missed it, allow me to bring the thread to your attention once again:

Relevant Forge Thread

Now, if you want to contribute to the issue, please use that thread to do so.

PS - You’re wrong. Snickerdoodles are delicious.