This seemed very relevant to Halo 4

Someone on this forum linked me to an interview with John Gibson, President of Tripwire Interactive, who developed Red Orchestra 2. He speaks about the negative effect that COD has had on the modern multiplayer FPS.

One thing he said in particular stood out and I feel is very relevant to Halo 4;

> “…one of the things that Call of Duty does, and it’s smart business, to a degree, is they compress the skill gap. And the way you compress the skill gap as a designer is you add a whole bunch of randomness. A whole bunch of weaponry that doesn’t require any skill to get kills. Random spawns, massive cone fire on your weapons. Lots of devices that can get kills with zero skill at all, and you know, it’s kind of smart to compress your skill gap to a degree. You don’t want the elite players to destroy the new players so bad that new players can never get into the game and enjoy it.”


The random elements of Halo 4 have been the topic of debate since its release. One side claims the random elements eliminate the skill gap. The other side claim you need to adapt to the randomness, which seems illogical. Anyway, I thought this was particularly interesting because it comes from the mouth of a professional developer who is directly involved with making an FPS franchise.


Oh no, this hasn’t been linked to in the last couple of weeks numourous times. Don’t look or search for a thread that is about this very topic.

I think there is a lot of truth in what that developer said. I know 343i was concerned about the learning curve of Halo and wanted to give people a chance, but I seriously believe they overblew the harshness of the learning curve and ruined the skill gap. I remember starting out in Halo 2 online and not being all that good, but I got better and better. The game shouldn’t hold your hand nor should it dump you in a new hostile environment with no mercy.

ii also believe cod has ruined shooters due to its massive success what company wouldn’t want a to try and get the same amount of success.

also the cod style seems to be what the new gen of gamers are into: games that are easy for them to feel like they are on top which means they feel like playing more.

Halo before reach was a game that you had to either play alot and/or use the internet to find out tricks and strategies to win at.

no one way is the right or wrong way it just depends on that games community and yes 343 picked the wrong way

That quote i know is true i have played COD it requires little to no skill to play hell you don’t even need to aim in that game to be good

> Oh no, this hasn’t been linked to in the last couple of weeks numourous times. Don’t look or search for a thread that is about this very topic.

Neo, you seem to prowl the forums just to post sarcastic, non-costructive comments. In fact, the only time you ever post something of substance is when you demand a local only search option. Maybe you should follow your own advice and stop repeating yourself?

Anyway, on topic, it seems like most modern FPSes are plainly about making you feel ‘awesome’ with the least amount of effort/thought.