This really sweet glitch on Urban...

Well actually it isn’t sweet at all. I drove my warthog up on one of the spiral stair cases that lead across the bridge. The moment I jumped into the gunner seat to take down the banshee raiders my car was lodged in quick sand. I recorded it…this is real fun when trying to avoid shots and you might as well be driving a rock with the gun on the back. Jumped in and out of the vehicle and nothing. The wheels will spin and turn and the brakes work…it’s like the vehicle fell into quick sand

If it isn’t sweet then what is it, sour?
Do you have a video or something?

Link it pls

Cool. That glitch I would like.

Yep, I had to dislodge my poor rocket hog well I had damage boost on…

Just so your know, the rocket hogs fine, it made it to the end of the round :blush: