This really needs to be fixed.

The AFK boosting problem in Halo 3. It makes it almost impossible for people actually PLAYING the game to go up in skill in the ranked playlists! I just had a game on Highground with one of those -Yoinks!-. The other team was nothing fancy, but they actually had players playing. Why do people like that insist on ruining the game for people who are actually playing the game?

I know what losers still boosting Halo 3, get a life.
I noticed this in team slayer since I started playing again. Also teammates quitting in social… why? who still cares?
I’ve been sticking to lonewolves, people still team up for objectives but that not too bad.

That’s why I always play Lone Wolves. There’s no team to hold me back and the best part is you only need to be in the top 3 to get an exp point.