This ranking system is terrible and has to change!

I’m a Diamond 4 in Team Arena, and largely get matched with other Diamonds and some Onyx or Platinum’s.

You’d have thought that after 10 unranked games you’d be able to tell if someone is good enough to play with the big boys in the top ranks.


I’m sick of getting matched with idiots who, for example, really don’t know how to play Strongholds. They literally don’t understand that you can win by simply defending 2 of the strongholds, and you don’t need to go after the 3rd, exposing one of the two you control. So instead of getting a tactical game of map control, you get idiots running around the map, constantly trying to cap strongholds they don’t need. If you ever do get matched against a team that know how to play, you get decimated.

If I was playing against noobs on social, I’d understand, but these people are supposed to know how to play and how to win, as they have achieved one of the highest ranks!. But no! They’re seriously terrible.

The ranking system is ineffective and putting someone in Diamond and Onyx bracket after 10 games was a bad idea.

We should go back to the old Halo style ranks and put everyone down to Bronze or 1, and everyone should work their way up. It’s not perfect, but I see no fairer way to put it.

Initially pros will be against Noobs at bronze, but after a short period of time, all the better players will be back up at the top again, and the Bronze class will be mostly filled with noobs or newbs.

Doesn’t mean those players really suck, it just means that they might be particularly deficient in that gametype. I’ll use myself as an example, I basically carried my way into an Onyx in team Arena on how well I did in slayer, my breakout and capture the flag performances were atrocious. The more I played the better I became with time in learning where to look, go, and respond to certain situations so I became a more well rounded player. Also, you don’t necessarily have to just keep 2 bases in strongholds, you can actually triple cap and try to hold it as long as possible, pro teams do it all the time. Holding 2 bases is just a much more conservaive way of playing.