This progression system reminds me of the time I paid my teacher $300 to give me a good grade

All joking aside, what’s with this? How could you all get this so wrong?

I’ve finished all the challenges for this week and now I have no way to earn XP except by completing matches for that that minuscule amount of XP.

Oh wait! Silly me! I should just spend some money for it! dUh!


Play the game? What why do that when you can just pay money!

Yeah you’re right… I forgot that the greedy corporations know what I actually like to do…

Attention Bigwigs, DM me and I’ll get you my CC details. Probably better this way…

When I read the beginning of the title I thought it would’ve said something else in the end :laughing:

Otherwise yes, that’s a really bad xp system.

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