This place is getting worse and worse

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This forums used to be civil and calculated when the games being produced weren’t always turning out half finished mess piles of dung. 343 did this to themselves and now they reap what they sew. You want people to defend some honor? Then produce something worth defending!!!


Well, maybe when 343 grows up things might change.

It’s funny how a company can lie for years about what’s to be expected, and take advantage of players, but it’s not okay to treat them the same way.

I think it’s about time these multi-billion dollar companies get a taste of what it’s like to be treated like dirt.


I think you’re overestimating the intelligence of human beings. Even our intelligent people are stupid. You only have to look at the state of the planet to understand what you are dealing with.

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dang it’s almost like the game has a ton of issues and 343 haven’t been doing anything about them despite this being a live service game


I see some positive stuff in the comments. However this game has a good deal of legitimate issues, so you are going to see far far more posts talking about those than ones saying its a good game. I, myself, like this game but if I create a thread I would not be discussing the positives at his moment because it would not help.

Tell them to suck an egg. Hit them with that classic K (20 character limit). Ignore those dummies’ and respond to the grown ups instead. You know what I mean?

Off topic:
What does this post have to do with the game? It seems to be about the forums. Not trying to knock you or anything, but this ain’t helping or creating positivity. Is it?


hello pugwash and the others.
Look, the thing is, loyal Halo players had high hopes for this game. We thought that the problems that had already been known for 20 years would be solved this time. Specifically in multiplayer and specifically for non-USA countries. And we have put this in motion and we have the same problem as always, a great game that is impossible to play and that continually creates frustrations for us.
So please understand that there is a lot of loyal Halo player angry.

Another thing is the silly comments that if they had to have a store or if it is expensive or cheap or if this or that weapon I like or I do not like, blablabla. These are decisions of the company and it will rectify it if it deems it appropriate.
The big problem with this game is in the multiplayer for all the things we already know: delays, crossplay, matchmaking, etc. Something that was already malfunctioning in previous Halos and worsened from Halo 5 and has not been fixed.

So understand that there are a lot of angry people. Remember that you are “paying” for a service and you deserve respect as a consumer. And if people have to complain, they have a right to do so.

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I’m happier to see more people up in arms than people mindlessly talking about how Infinite can be salvaged.

There are ALOT of problems with Infinite besides monetization, and it if I see a forum full of posts defending 343, I know for a fact that this game is not going to improve. Infinite while not being total flops like Vanguard, is slowly being less and less enticing to play, with issue after issue arising by the day.

It’s a real shame too, because 343 finally found the magic and could pull people back into investing in a Halo game again… but flopped just as soon as the plane took off.


You deleting replies reminds me of how moderators delete and mute threads that dare ask why features, weapons, and ememies are missing from a game when a full experience 12 years ago came out with forge, co op, firefight, and armor.

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It’ll probably be like that until Infinite starts improving.
I mean, what else is there to talk about?
It’s not like you can share cool videos here or make any forum games.

I get the criticisms can be overwhelming but no forum will ever be overly positive. The point of forums is discussion and those work best with opposing views hashing it out. People just pointing out aspects they like and responses agreeing isn’t conducive to engaging discussions.

Maybe when 343 grows up. Lmao they didn’t even make the micro transactions and you claim them to be childish while you scream and whine

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There are to many issues and still no solution in place. So people get upset.
Im glad that we finally got some official communication, but actions counts.

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There would be a lot more positivity if the game had been full of content and lacking many bugs.
People would be making topics like “Which Halo do you think has been the best so far?” and “What’s next in the story?”.
Maybe not positive topics like “The game looks great!” (not impossible or unlikely however), but not negative ones like there are now.

There would probably still be some topics talking about how Infinite needs Halo 5’s movement changes, but those wouldn’t be abundant, especially if they added the features to custom games.


The root cause is releasing a half-baked game for the Holiday season, having limited support and quite the list of game-breaking issues.

I mean if I was buying a car and they said “You know what? Your birthday is next week so we want to give you it then” and then I got a car with no dashboard, 3 wheels and half an engine I’d be pretty upset too.

Edit: But it’s okay! They will give me my missing car parts over the next 6-12 months :smiley:


Interesting, as far as I know 343 has creative control. They are also are the ones that lied about all these options about customization for both paying and none paying players.

It would be wise for you to think before making a reply.

I’ll finish watching this in a few and update, but right off the bat, he is commenting on the fact that not every piece of customization is available. Did anyone honestly expect it to be? This is literally the first battle pass. Many more to come. I’ll update after I watch rest have to get ready for work folks.

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It’s not even a reply, it’s a talking point. The 343 defense force has a number of goto responses that they use, that’s one of them.

They’re trying to take the heat off of “343” by pretending that the name represents the actual game devs, but not managment, they want you to believe that managment is some external force.

In reality, it’s closer to the other way around, due to 343s heavy use of contracted work.


Lmao. If only. Infinite would be in a great state if those were its only two problems. A “buggy” game mode (BTB is completely and utterly broken) and “bad progression” (lol there is no progression.) but that’s not the reality we are living in.


Just saying, I know. 343 is just as responsible as Microsoft. Although, it is funny how they try to play as if 343 is innocent when their actions clearly show otherwise.