This place is getting worse and worse

like I hardly see anything positive now its just bash this and berate that like can we please stop with this negativity I dont care if you call it criticism (while it is that im not wrong there) but please try to atleast make it look like ciritsitim and not something that makes me stay away from here cause this is a place to talk halo and yet I cant do that without being called a shill or saying im part of the problem

grow up adn use your blasted brains and not your emotions


Here here looking at waypoint just makes me so sad.


yep and its sad that its gonna this route like it wasn’t that bad before but now its like folks have lost all common sense with infinte and let the emotions and gaslighting become the norm here and if your try to put back any common sense you get berated like somehow your making it worse when in reality your trying ot make it better


This isn’t unique to Halo pretty much every forum for every game is just an echo chamber for whinging
nowadays, it is what it is.


Me too what had this place become like seriously there is one buggy game mode and progression is wack and all of a sudden we get 400 threads about how this games is halo 5 part 2 and that it is a waste of money and man 343 sucks this game isn’t fixable and goddam what have we become if not little selfish children who are pissed when ever anything isn’t what we like. For instance the battle pass is Infinite and lasts forever and we are wining about how big it is. If you don’t like that then fine don’t buy it but it isn’t predatory if it lasts forever. I remember when I was excited to be on these forums and now I am just saddened


But waypoint use to be civil and calculated and now people just scream and ask for 343 to not go home for Christmas, my friend’s brother works at 343 and from what I hear the time up until infinite was really really really hard on the team.

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Wow what an intelligent response you have won thank you for replying

where in my post did I say that? huh where?

and no I dont think 343 lied rather somthign got lost in communication and we assumed its lying

and shocker a company that Neds money to keep itself and its employees form being out on the street shocker in deed

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you didnt see the sarcasm did you?

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My guy my guy what scamming and Luton we talking about here

(Edit lmao he deleted)

take a guess what he’ll type and its a easy guess

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well sam can be said with cod but its still around

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Man this just keeps getting better and better

Amen to that (this post must be at least 20 characters

I’m very excited about the future of Infinite. The BTB fix couldn’t come soon enough! The game needs some adjusting for sure, but I think Infinite has a bright future ahead of it.

The combination of F2P and The Academy, so new players can learn without getting completely dominated in PvP right away, are going to give this game a very very long and well sustained player population for years. The gameplay itself is phenomenal.


it is indeed its just the issues that are present kinda overlapping it but said issues are going ot be fixed its just hat folks around here seem to think that the moment they post anything on it it should be fixed the second they post it

from what my dad does (IT guy) its not that simple to fix like flipping a switch simple it takes time to find the bug in the coding thats causing it


None of what you claim is true. Waypoint has always had terrible Moderators and a toxic echo chamber community. Everyone else gets banned (like me) or stops posting all-together.


Probably only the Halo universe section on setting, characters and plot is relatively mild.
Other parts involve a multi-party conflict of interests.Different positions and needs are difficult to reconcile.
Emotional statements are often considered to promote a faster solution to the problem.
I also hope halo can become better and better. The recent statement also shows 343’s good attitude.

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Wish others had your vision cause most I see are clouded with hate hate that’s not from the brain but from emotion instead of thinking before they post they spat whatever’s making them mad and call it a day

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One is profit data, the other is the wave of public opinion.
These are the core and the source of accumulated pressure
It is also the balance point between parent company, studio and consumers.But achieving balance is almost impossible.Only the existence of a virtuous circle can alleviate it.