this new halo theme..

sounds so good it could actually be one of the main theme
just pump up your volume and hear from 1:33. i think it’s absolutely epic!

I don’t think it’s the main theme, but it does sound awesome.

the one posted on bulletin gave me no chills down my spine and didn’t capture any essence of halo.

no one compares to Marty in capturing the halo world no one.

marty is halo all other are just bk skrub a dub dubs!

It is epic, but I don’t see it being played as a Halo 4 main menu theme.

I don’t think that’s the main theme. I think well at least for me the main theme should be the one played in the “Working in 343” vidoc.

it gave me chills but it wasn’t iconic-ally Halo. It might be after Halo 4 comes out. I doubt it is the new theme tune but it could be the title screen music.

It sounds pretty generic to me. Sounds like a typical action film but that doesn’t mean it’s not bad… I think there’s probably much better to come.