This needs to stop

i hate this rotational hopper things… and why does doubles has to be one… it was in every halo and now its a “special” playlist… i honestly think you are trying to force this Infinity option on us… it’s not a bad playlist… but not my taste… i miss team hardcore, doubles, snipers,and all the other playlists i could sit back and play whenver i want… not every once in awhile… cause some weeks i work alot and guess what… i just missed my chance to play my favorite game variant… please change this… it’s killing the community more than the 1-50 skill rank in my opinion .

well if we show the population on doubles, showing it should stay, we’d be fine.

So get all your friends to play it and so on…

Doubles and Grifball have both been confirmed as Permanent Playlists, I believe.

i read on a bulletin that doubles is just this weeks rotational…

They said Doubles and Grifball are intended to be permanent. They’ll try to keep them on. I love weekly rotationals. I think it adds a little variety. I do agree that it should have been in from the start, though.

I hate waiting a week for a new playlist. it should be more often. I get bored quickly