This needs to be fixed!

343 tell me why after winning a game I get banned for an hour?
I’ll be honest I do quit some games but only because the stupid join in progress puts me in a game where my team is getting destroyed and the other team has map control and weapons. Yesterday I got put into a king of the hill game where the score was 174-0 to the other team and I was getting spawn killed from the moment I was put into the game. Today I tryed the doubles playlist and of course first game I get put into a game where my teammate isn’t playing and I get spawn killed straight away. If it was only the first time I wouldn’t mind but this always happens to me and I’m fed up, If this happens to anyone else alot post it here and let 343 see they need to fix this problem.
Oh and make spartan ops available to play on silver membership while your at it, rant over!