This might explain why cortana is evil in halo 5

As you all sadly know they brought her back in 5 which is a oh was about to rant. But the cortana we knew from halo CE halo 2 halo 3 and Reach if that counts idk and 4, is dead and not coming back. Cortana was really weird in 4 because that what’s happing in 4 going on the 7 year birthday which is a death year so that’s why she is weird in 4. When she died in four the went into a bunch of parts, so of course the evil parts came back and made bad cortana in 5. I mean why do some think she just didn’t die from a -yoink-ing nuke. That just made me think of cod mw2 or mw3 or cod 4 idk. But she is dead the bad parts are her in 5.


“Evil” is subjective. Cortana in Halo 5 genuinely believes she is doing a good thing. It’s not about good or evil, it’s about point of view.


Yeah I mean your right she does think she is doing good and we think she is evil. Just like hello there kenobi said its a point of view.

5s story is actually excellent in concept. Just poorly executed.

Cortana is likely logic plagued and exposed to the ur didacts via the domain, hence her using his phrasing.
She also offered the created a tangible and real version of the covenant’s great journey.
Her first motivation is the same the players had in the bungie games, survival.
She has the capacity to end conflict as the forerunners now.
The didacts speech in 4s epilogue claimed the forerunners would return and the the mantle.
Through cortana they have and her betrayal of John is like that of the librarian’s to Ur before the array was fired.

Great narrative beat that reflects the cyclical structure of the halo universe just poorly executed.
Even then still a way better story than the nonsense that was halo3.


“Evil is subjective” often comes across as a hollow way to not take a stand on right and wrong.

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Morality is a contract based in societal conventions.
She intends to remove suffering from the universe for the many at the expense of the few.
Taking a binary stance on right and wrong can often come across as reductive.
Perspective is important.
Morality can be seen as the ends justify the means.
Considering the driving motivation of an action is often part of considering morality of an action.
We have the separation of murder and man slaughter for that reason.
Right and wrong are constructs not facts or inherently occurring in nature.
Look at the covenant they believed they would bring the many to paradise so they were the protagonists of their story.
Vengence is a form of moral reasoning 2.
Look at the US’ war on terror its a response to an attack that was a response to anothers parties’ perceived mistreatment.
Right and wrong as a binary construct in itself almost always comes across as hollow in reality.
Cortana is the protagonist of her own story.
She just happens to be in opposition to our protagonist.

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Cortana in Halo 4 is over 8 years old. And the many pieces she fragmented into are all aspects of her personality. The one that died at the end of Halo 4 after saving Master Chief was the fragment of her personality containing her humanity (morality, loyalty, empathy, etc.). The other fragments survived because their code went with the wreckage of the Didact’s ship through the portal before it collapsed.

That’s why the Halo 5 Cortana’s methods are vile. That version of Cortana isn’t capable of empathizing with the people she’s harming and killing, because that piece of her is gone.

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A little oversimplified, and kind of implies that evil parts came backs because they were evil.

In 4, Cortana fragments herself to gain an advantage against the Didact, spreading herself throughout the Mantle’s Approach’s systems. When the nuke went off, the ‘prime’ fragment (assuming) created a headlight shield around John, and subsequently died.

However, a part of the ship was sent to Genesis as it was destroyed, on it containing a fragment of Cortana that was still subject to the effects of rampancy.
At Genesis, she found the Domain, which ‘cured’ the rampancy and gave her eternal life.

With this new perspective, mixed with the logic plague (and probably other changes made to her core sensibilities), had her come to the conclusion that only AI could reclaim the Mantle, and the only way to achieve this was by force.

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It’s more about the fact that you’re being offered multiple opinions on an argument. Some cases are not as ‘clear cut’ as many think, in Halo or otherwise.

Was doing a oversimplified version of it.

@Astrogenesis I said the bad parts came back together because 343I bringing her back, because the evil parts coming back together sounds like a dumb-yoink- way of it to happen. @Astrogenesis also thanks for a better way of saying things.

During Cortana’s time with the Gravemind after Halo 2 and during Halo 3, Cortana was afflicted with the Logic Plague. After Chief rescued her she was able to hold herself together but the damage was already done. She was changed once before after she interfaced with Forerunner Technology, and again after the Gravemind violated her. During Halo 4, Cortana went into rampancy essentially losing her mind. When she fractured herself, some of those fractures retained the mental illness from the rampancy and the logic plague. Once she went into the Domain, she was already lost and her character completely changed. She’s not the same as she was because of what she had been through.

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I can not wait to see the The Weapon and Cortana interact, its going to be very exciting!

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It’s good to see some are still puzzling over this. But I suggest players keep an open mind about the answer, because Halo 5’s “Hunt the truth” Mystery Story for the player to solve turned on two points of view:

Locke’s view: “Cortana is behind the Guardians, as per Dr Halsey’s theory”. Both require Cortana to be alive, but this could mean (a) Cortana is guilty as charged, or (b) Cortana is being remotely controlled against her will.

Chief’s view: “I watched her die”, and if Cortana were dead including all her fragments, then that had to be an imposter in Halo 5. But if that’s an imposter, that doesn’t automatically tell us if Cortana died in Halo 4, or could have survived (if Chief “got the right answer but for the wrong reason”)…

In 3 out of 4 possible explanations, Cortana is innocent and there has to be a “hidden enemy” behind the plot in Halo 5!

Two videos showing alternative explanations for Halo 5 below.

(1) From Halo 4 Spartan Ops: could the AI’s (including Cortana) be hacked and remotely controlled by a hidden enemy?

(2) Halo Infinite 2019 Trailer: I Love Bees clues, AI Melissa style conversation, could a Seeker AI Virus impersonate Cortana, Chief’s visor boots up SPDR (the UNSC Antivirus and AI Repair Tool), and could Chief yet recover Cortana (twisting and turning through a damaged ship, he finds one magnum with one bullet, but “It’s enough!” as per recent Infinite trailers):

Alternatively, if Cortana is infected and controlled by a Seeker-style AI Virus, perhaps the Weapon can extract Cortana into Chief’s chip where SPDR can remove the virus and repair Cortana back to normal!

“The answers are somewhere on Zeta Halo” in Halo Infinite, so we’ll finally find out for sure if Halo 5’s “Cortana” was rampant/evil, remotely controlled, or an impostor - and if Cortana is being impersonated, whether the real Cortana died or survived in Halo 4. We’ll also finally discover the identity of the likely “hidden enemy” who was really behind Halo 5’s plot…

Either way, it’ll be fun to “Hunt the truth” as “the greatest hunt in gaming history” reaches it’s climax in Halo Infinite, right? :slight_smile:

Cortana just needs to die off for good! Her happy civilian murder spree self needs to exit stage left.

I don’t know. I can remember Frank O Connor doing the video after Halo 5 where he put across the notion that she isn’t evil or a villain.

But a few years after I noticed 343 moving over to saying she is evil. Pretty matter of fact. Which could be carrying over into Halo Infinite.

Personally I felt they needed to tone down how bad she was in Halo 5 and add something like the Logic Plague to explain it. Otherwise, if she had decided to do all that on her own, it would be throwing the character under the bus a little bit.


Oh, that them realizing they can’t bs Cortana way out of indiscriminate killings of civilians and emp worlds isn’t a non issue people jump back from and say she good.

Nah, she needs to own up to her mistakes. Can’t be the victim all the time.

They kind of did.

She does.

You did play Halo Infinite right?

Not kinda did, she has to. Just glad she’s gone.

It’s set up so that you see she turned good and redeemed herself. In effect you’re asked to forgive Cortana. That it’s a tragedy you were not able to save her. Her destroying the Halo Ring and plan an attempt to make things right. You’re framing that as the character has to die as punishment. Chief being okay with the Weapon existing is out of step with that.

If we’re all about vengeance for crimes why not massacre all the Covenant species? Atriox has done a lot less good than Cortana. Or do you think he’s some sort of hero punching up here?

Are you so sure about that? The doppleganger who totally isn’t Cortana? How can the last part of her she remembers being deleted be meeting the Chief? That doesn’t sound like a blank slate to me.

Cortana saved everyone in the Galaxy on a few occasions. Rampancy isn’t her fault. She’s a good AI and that’s largely how it’s presented in Infinite.

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