This might be controversial, but I think they should bring back Warzone from Halo 5 to Infinite

Loved teaming up with other Spartans in a large scale PvE battles. Absolutely the best thing about Halo 5 and I wish they’d bring it back for infinite.


I actually kind of liked Warzone, but I feel like it wouldn’t translate well. Warzone had that crazy Fiesta sort of feeling that came with hundreds of sometimes pointless variants of vehicles and guns, which kind of gave the mode personality. Infinite feels a bit more bland in that respect, so I think Warzone would be the same. Bland, uninteresting, boring. Plus, Prometheans were a huge part of Warzone, and we don’t have ANY of those in Infinite.


warzone was the best mode there was in halo 5.
it was much more fun to play warzone back in halo 5 then playing the matchmaking at all.
i have play a lot more warzone match’s then the matchmaking at all.

since it was the best slayer mode also there was in halo 5.
12 vs 12.
the the domination part by taking controle over 2 small base and 1 large base.
the end fight against the final boss.
and most of all that big chaos there was on the battefield you can make in any halo game at all.

who tells you there cant return in warzone at all.
do we only need enemy’s that are in the campaign lore from the game or are other enemy’s like the flood or the covenant also not welcome to join in the warzone game mode’s.
why do we need to follow the lore from the game always with things like this.
i think its more fun if there go out side the box with it and bring some old enemy’s back in it then its more fun also.

the question is more why most the matchmaking and warzone and maybe firefight also follow the campaign’s lore with the enemy’s or weapons always.
its more fun to go out side the box with it and stop follow the lore of the campaign more.

game’s like cod have done that all for some time that there not are following the lore for there multiplayer at all.
look at the zombie’s mode as a good exemple it has notting to do at all with the campaign at all or the game titel at all.


War zone in H5 worked better than Invasion in H4. I thought we were going to see an evolution of it at least. But I suppose infinite will have the so called BR mode instead.

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Oh you’ll see a version of warzone in infinite. Right now we have zero PvE, and it needs another form of entertainment from just killing other players. Bot academy just isn’t the same as objective PvE like warzone.
But here’s my suspicion.

Firefight was used mostly for max XP in halo 5.
With a proper progression system in place later on in infinites cycle, I could see a firefight mode being implemented and it might be a large scale combat engagement mode, like an offshoot of the BR.

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i not know if you have play halo 5 in the first place at all.
but warzone in halo 5 was for the most part in a PVP setting.
there was only 1 small thing you can call PVE but the bigst part was in the PVP setting.
since the bigst part of warzone mode was fighting against other players.

There were two sides to Warzone. One side being PvP and one side PvE. Neither one was the more dominant mode, it just depended on what you played the most. Both are good and would be awesome if they came back, but Infinite would really benefit from the PvE side of Warzone where a group of 6-8 Spartans get put in a map and have to fight off Covenant and Banished in a large scale map.


then here is a super good tip.

chance your titel then since its confusing a lot now.
if you talk about the Warzone Firefight side then add also Firefight after warzone in the titel name.
since the titel is call with only warzone you talk about the PVP side since in halo 5 it was call also Warzone only for the PVP side.

if you do that then its not confusing at all for a lot off people that have play a lot off halo 5 Warzone the PVP side.

That’s not controversial.

A lot of people want that content back.


I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing it again, I put 50 Days in Warzone & Unlocked Achilles back in the day it was a really fun PVEVP game (Minus some of the annoying Req Cards)

Compared to how Titanfall integrated AI into PvP matches, Warzone was a huge let down. The maps didn’t have enough going on. Too few enemies, too big of maps to accommodate the small enemy quantity, and the REQ system was absolutely terrible.

Warzone was cool in concept but very poorly executed.

Wholly agreed. Always loved Warzone. Anyone who thought it was Pay To Win didn’t understand the intricacies of the mechanics at play.

I would LOVE warzone back. The reason i understand why people disliked it it, was just bullet sponge bosses.

If they do it again, they need to just focus on swarm of enemies and mode difficulty. Longer the match, enemy difficult extends from Easy → Legendary.

Bosses were not fun to fight in Warzonr.


As long as they get rid of the req system and don’t weaponise microtransactions again…sure why not
BtB with a tweest

I just want Warzone Firefight. Or just Firefight.


Are we talking warzone or warzone ff?

Warzone ff was kinda fun; bit grindy but still fun and the intros were so much better than Cringefinite.

Normal warzone and warzone assault has to be THE worst multiplayer mode I have ever played in my life.


The REQ system was actually really good in the end. It was the only thing keeping the mode balanced at that point.


If you read my actual post besides just the title then it wouldn’t be confusing and I say the PvE side, but the PvP side would be welcome as well.

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I like the req sustem, but not microtransactions. Once you have earned a weapon or vehicle (From a battlepass or something) you should be able to use it in Firefight. Have the req levels and stations like H5 but no consumables.

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I agree. I really miss the h5 warzone gameplay.

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