This man deserves more credit in halo events

In the beginning, when you read, you will see a guy whos name is Rupert Sanders, is the guy behind “We are ODST”, and halo 3 “Believe”. Do you guys know how many people got hooked into halo, becuase of comercials like these. We dont want any theirs a soldier in all of us in black ops, we dont want commercials like deliver hope. To be honest with you guys, halo 3 believe was said to be the best vg commerical of the decade. We are odst also made sense. 343 should keep priority one to copy whatever halo 3’s campaign was.

We are odst depicted the first time in history, a game that unites all races and differences, and considers them as a whole (human). Hungary was never even popular in most tv shows, or movies, russia is. The commercials and work that Rupert Sanders has put up are fenominal.

“Believe” was fenominal. It was pruely to this day and possibly forever the best campaign ever. This man has shown commericals that made sense for once in a life time. This man wants to show the world he just wasted so much money to open the worlds eyes. Now we see cheep skates making commericals like theirs a soldier in all of us to encourage people to join the army (dum people). They like it for the action, halo likes it for actually making sense to most people.

P.S u guys ever heard of that guy in news article that joined the marines after being inspired by halo. Not because of the marines in halo, but he actually did it becuase it made sense to him that he had to fight for the right reason, to fight for the right…he is now stationed in south africa, see what i mean, fighting in iraq would not be fighting for the right thing. (i know the wars over, but this took place in like late 2009.)

Now the only thing to discuss here now is to show of your appretiation for Rupert Sanders and to make more campaigns like believe.

The believe trailer was indeed interesting. Just maybe…

It was his job. No special recognition is needed.

Halo inspiring someone to join the military is kind of frightening.

We are all just going to find new planets and destroy them for resources. Origins did a PERFECT job of explaining it all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the Believe trailer is the most incredible trailer hes made to date for Halo. It’s the only reason I bought the game, hence I was so pissed because it wasn’t like it all. (JK) Though the campaign was still trash. I’ve destroyed my fingers typing out why. :stuck_out_tongue: