This isn't SLAYER

So ive had this challenge to win 1 match of CTF and I’ve played about 25 games of quick play now and still haven’t won a single game because of other teammates.

One game of ranked and got the challenge done.

Why is quick play so bad with other players trolling or not playing the objective. Even the SBMM in quick play is horrible and way too sweaty.
Ranked feels OK when it comes to SBMM at least from the few games I’ve played.

Why are people this stupid when it comes to objective gametypes that’s not in ranked?

because they also have specific challenges they’re trying to do which probably takes them away from doing the actual objective


Why are challenges affecting the game so much. Can’t 343 not make challenges simple. Look at the capstone for this week. Get splatter kills with a vehicle. All week I’ve seen people driving around in mongoose’s trying to get this challenge done its ridiculous.


Are you still trying to do that CTF challenge?! :joy:

Where are you based?

Edit: oooooh I see you’ve done it now! Well done :blush::+1:


Yea and gawd dam it how can one match gey the better of me…bloody hell. I swear every game of quick play I lost ctf

Social is much more sweaty than Ranked…it’s very noticeable. A lot of players have an aversion to playing Ranked so they sweat it out in Social…as an example, you only have to look at all the threads complaining about Ranked challenges the other week on here and Reddit. It’s ridiculous…but that’s on the player base not 343i tbf.


If you’re in the UK or EU then add me…I always play to win regardless of gametype.

My last challenges for this week were all stacked as FFA challenges plus one for “backslap” kills…I bashed out all the FFA challenges and was trying to get my final backslap in the final game. I was winning by 7-8 kills but chasing that final backslap to complete the challenge cost me the win. We’re all guilty of chasing challenges whether we admit to or not, and that’s the problem with the challenge system they have implemented as it changes the way you play instead of being focused on winning or playing the objective.

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Lol im surprised you managed to get it done in ranked so quickly. Usually, i get in a ranked game and one of my teammates is immediately AFK. Then a few minutes later theyre just completely gone. Happened 2 games in a row yesterday. Talk
about stupid…. I’d rather have bullet sponge teammates to distract the enemy than people who dont even play the game and instead leave you with an even worse handicap


Has it even been confirmed that there is SBMM in quick play? Because for me it absolutely feels like there isn’t. Which is fine.

Challenges ought to be more centered around what a player may do through very basic gameplay rather than have them go out of their way to complete an objective. I can tell you that I hardly ever get in vehicles because I feel more like a target than I am on foot. I also typically don’t trust my driver or my shooter too much when I decide to get in a Warthog.

Challenges that require you to play a certain gametype with this current selection of playlists is asking for a bit much since players don’t have much choice over what gametype they can play. I can’t fall into a Strongholds or CTF playlist because they don’t exist. I have to bet on quickplay dropping me into a match and then hope I can complete the objective.

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Same can go for ranked matched of strongholds were players don’t seem to get the Hold aspect of it.
Just constantly running to the unneeded third and leaving an open opportunity for the other team to bounce back.
I see this in rank. I see CTF without talking or pinging in ranked.

If anything quickmatch generally plays better In my experience most of the time.

One flag is only an issue for me on Launch Site when team mates run past all the vehicles in the beginning of the match.
Then I have to type or talk to explain to them we are attacking a base and need them.
It’s 50/50 this happens in quick match one flag launch site.

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I got it done in one match with a ghost.

yeah when i started playing I didn’t see people using vehicles you’d think the defending team would get the ghost instead of a mongoose.

Because they’re extremely specific ones which don’t come quickly with normal gameplay.

No, because if they were too easy, people would rank up fast (and maybe have fun), and challenge Swaps wouldn’t be necessary for them to sell at all.


It’s a common misconception that just because it’s not ranked means it’s going to be “easier” games. Not ranked means you can get all types of players. The match ups are going to be more random. Coupled with those players may also be trying to go for challenges since it’s not ranked. Ranked is where the game tries to match players by skill level so the odds of playing with similar skill level is higher and players are typically trying to win in ranked.