This isn't my account. Someone help.

I’ve somehow been signed into this account. Mr real gamer tag is Gazz1313 of Kill for fun.

Not to sure if someone has hacked my account because I’ve just had to reset my password.

on waypoint or in general?

Hey OP - you sign to sign into Halo Waypoint with whichever email address and password is associated with your Xbox Live Gazz1313 gamertag or the account details you would use to sign into

Hey guys thanks for the reply… It’s only here on waypoint. Signing out and back in only leads me back to this same profile.
I I was using this last night perfectly fine, even set up a Spartan company called Kill for fun. But today it rejected my password. And after changing it it now signs me in to this profile. My email address is 100% correct and been receiving correspondence as normal. I dare not try signing out and signing back in on my Xbox in case it does the same.
My my email address is <mark>Removed by Monitor</mark> has been for a long time and all my accounts are associated to that email.

Can you sign into your account on

Your Waypoint and XBL account use the same authentication because they’re the same log in information.

Try what snicker suggested OP and let us know how that works out. What you can also do is clear the cache and cookies from your browser and try logging in with Xbox Live details again, see if that does the trick.