This isn't Halo anymore

I’m disappointed to be writing this. I do feel though, that Halo as a game series I grew up with, is long gone and the original ideals are long forgotten. The vicious monetary system around armor customization has really showed me that 343 has no idea what the “roots of Halo” really are. I’m astonished that they could make this season one "Heroes of Reach’ without remembering how beloved the Reach customization system was. “Remember Reach” is just a catch phrase now. Veteran players like me are outraged. Halo multiplayer armor customization used to showcase players with skill and determination in unlocking high tier armor pieces. I’d like to remind everyone about the original Recon armor in Halo 3 and how only the most determined players achieved the goal in earning Recon. I was one of those people, full disclosure I was a Halo no life. Now seeing the “battlepass” and armor unlocked via paywall instead of actual achievement in the game, is a slap in the face. I will never regard anyone’s armor as special in this Halo title, knowing the most work they had to put in was enter a credit card number. I don’t care if the multiplayer is free, I’d rather pay $60 for a full Halo title and be able to unlock armor and cosmetics through game progression and achievement than have free multiplayer and a massive amount of microtransactions for armor.

TL;DR the armor customization system is an insult to players. I miss old Halo multiplayer.


I miss the dash. Halo Infinites Dash isn’t the Same…

People complaint about canon but the grapplehook is accepted… I wonder what Kind of Material and can pull a full equipped spartan that easily. How tf can the hook stuck in the wall (stone, wood, plastic,…) and pull 1000lbs (dunno the right weight) ?


the hook is pretty fun tho

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Its 2021 all game have microtransactions they are making more money going that rout.

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It does feel like a great step back in the progression department. I think Reach’s ranking system was easily the best, it was my driving force to play early on in Reach.

They could have been smart about it by having at least made a good 75% of the cosmetics unlockable through progress, drawn in a healthy player base throughout 2022 and then throw in some cosmetics that are available for a limited time on the store and unique timed challenges. This has hurt the population of the game already.

I haven’t had all that much to say that’s positive about 343 over the years, I’ll be honest but the core of this game has so much potential it hurts seeing them fall over the traps of modern gaming because there are some parts of me that thinks they finally have it down.

Ske7ch did say they are looking into the feed back so all we can do is wait at this point. Anyone that’s thinking of quitting, I encourage to return on the 8th, have a blast with the campaign and around February next year take a look at the Multiplayer again.


Because people just accept it. But when they push back… Battlefront 2…things can change


couldnt agree more with your words it dosent feel like halo they have made really stupid decisions and made the game unplayable for me too many sweats radar etc just to name a few in mcc they did everyone soo much better and they were bungie games for christ sake proofs they cant make a good halo game


I can’t help but feel abandoned by Bungie personally but 343 is here and making “Halo” games. I do enjoy the gameplay aspect of the multiplayer, it’s a decent shooter in simple terms. I only wish that all the statements about “returning to the roots of Halo” were true. With so much influence from Reach it’s mind blowing how they couldn’t look to see why Reach was so good and loved by many. To me, this is 343 showing their true colors.

Yeah this halo is just another horror story. Toxic af they’ve sacrificed so much for a quick buck.

The grapple hook is lame as hell and doesn’t make sense in the physics department, as a lore buff it’s stupid…


Honestly this is even a worst launch than halo 4 the studio has never failed to disappoint they keep ignoring community feedback and in 3 months when they see the player base dwindle they will seem shocked as to why people are leaving in droves


The grappling hook is also a major turnoff for me. It’s just gimmicky


Just to remind everyone what was promised

" the body of customization content that we have on day one ensures that there will be millions of customization combinations for spartans on the battlefield coatings offer us a unique opportunity to craft some hyper-polished looks and let you express yourselves in ways you’ve never been able to before we’re coming at this for a player first mentality all of these rewards are single source so you’re never going to be confused about where things come from if you can unlock something in the battle pass we’re not going to let any other players circumvent that by purchasing it out of the storefront a lot of our stuff is unlocked through playing the game and only through playing the game"

-Directly from 343


Mjolinir mark 5-6 with a spartan-II in it was 1000lbs we don’t know what the weight of a current spartan is in halo infinite but yeah I think grapple needs a little more range though.

But the armor customization isn’t the only aspect of this title, yet you lament multiplayer because of it?

The biggest problem with criticism of this title is that so many people are making it their goal to be upset by the optional progression/monetization/customization aspects that they improperly conflate this with the enjoyment of the actual multiplayer content?

Have you considered maybe playing with blinders on for a few matches and just enjoying the core gameplay? You know, the reason you downloaded the title to begin with?

I personally feel this is the best Halo since Halo Reach, I’m having an absolute blast hopping online and seeing friends I haven’t interacted with since high school in 2012, jumping into a few matches and spending time like we did when we were teenagers. The gameplay is solid, the maps are well designed, and we all have a blast. Nobody even focuses on the challenges.


343 isn’t “showing their true colors.”

Their true colors are locked behind a paywall with everything else.


You clearly haven’t been playing Halo long, the multiplayer armor customization was an integral part of the game in really every title since Halo 2. I don’t care how you play the game and didn’t ask for a response on how people are playing the game. Most regular players in Reach would grind multiplayer for the sole purpose of levels and armor. Being clad in the starter armor got you laughed out of lobbies and branded a noob, wearing a set of high end armor would have people asking you how you earned it. Like I said, armor used to be about showcasing your personal achievement, not showcasing your credit card limit. Re-read until you understand.


asking how you got it

Well if you’re not stupid you could piece together that the person has just put more hours in the game than you have. Reach had a -Yoink!- progression system compared to the challenge based system of h3.


H3 recon armor was rewarding, it couldn’t be mistaken.
That’s exactly why I did the sr152 challenge in Halo 5, just to get something unique on Infinite. Yet, turns out it looks like 4 other armour skins you can buy, or earn. Not being shiny like the preview rendering was, and it looks more plain/ not special, than any skin you can buy in the store. I happen to love Infinite, I’ll pump their pockets full of money, I just don’t understand why us long term players are left feeling shafted. I was a Halo no lifer as well on 2, and then 3. Then during the H5 sr152 run. Halo is all I play, or want to play. My hope is they fix everyones concerns they have. I know it’s not realistic that everyone will be happy, but I see alot of generalized fixes that could be done, making the majority happy. That’s what I want for Christmas, and the Watchdog reward to actually stand out 🤷


Well put! I remember the recon and also the Hayabusa armor meening something.

I want to belive that 343 is trying to give everyone the proper customization without paying money but because they are owned by Microsoft the shareholders are making them do these aggressive and predator type microtransactions. Best way to show them that we don’t want any of these Yoink business practices is to either not buy the battle pass or any microtransactions or just flat out not play the game. If the shareholders see that they are losing money or the player count drops, they will have no choice but to make changes.


I mean they can also make money without -Yoink!- off the entire fanbase but they decided to do it anyway and we have more people refusing to spend than people going “OH 343 WE LOVE THE MTX!”