This Isn't Funny Anymore

A little while ago, I made a snarky thread to draw attention to the hypocrisy of the “you just want Halo 3 2” part of the community. I no longer find humor in these people. Halo Infinite is supposed to be the community uniter. They’re a roadblock to that.

If you hypocrites just want Halo 5 2, go play Halo 5. Stop crying about, “but I don’t feel like a real Spartan in Halo Infinite!” when there’s an obvious solution. Take your own years-old snarky advice and go play the old game forever.


Well it is a game and I think people who want an escape to feel how typically people feel when playing cos games …subjective. Gaming expectations are neither solely Relativistic or deterministic in nature hence the quandary re: uniting a fractured world and many world views. This is all very ambitious planning and I’m rooting for 343 but I’m watching astutely. If left unchecked, egos typically grow into giant threat sensors because too much sameness in a single field can lead to subjective biases and discriminatory properties. Tech is running the show. Ai is the future…I’m at the gate waiting for my extinction card.

I don’t think the 'you just want halo 3 2" crowd are necessarily halo 5 fans. They’re just people who are just happy with whatever 343 shovels them. They are dismissive of any criticism, and because the older halos are a great comparison point for what a halo game should be, they’ve created an easy way to dismiss these comparisons.

I don’t think most people comparing Infinite to the bungie era are saying we need Halo CE/2/3 ‘2’. I think most agree the core of infinite is pretty solid. Rather at this point its mostly store, lack of content/modes, and a really unambitious campaign.

You don’t need more than one thread to tell people how they feel or what they want.