This is...

This is going to be absolutely incredible. Have you seen the last video? They have even introduced bots.

I am absolutely amazed at everything. Because of how good the game looks, the system they have decided to introduce for seasons, how fluid the Gameplay looks really. Absolutely everything has seemed incredible to me.

  • Equipment is back
  • new vehicle: Razorback (can carry an additional weapon on its back)
  • vehicles are being delivered by Pelicans
  • Halo 2 weapon pods are back
  • Spartan and weapon/vehicles customization (voice, prosthetics, etc)
  • no loot boxes
  • no expiring Battle Pass
  • cross-progression/play
  • Academy mode for newcomers (learn about weapons, the Halo multiplayer vocabulary and more)
  • meaty launch and post-launch content

Thanks 343, you did it.

Halo is aiming to reclaim the crown of best/most played multiplayer game from Call of Duty and I believe the team at 343 has created what will be the best Halo MP experience since Halo 3.

Is the web going bad for me alone? Or is it that it has fallen because of the hype.

Well. … They nailed it

Just watched the new vid. When i saw that warthog sliding with a missing wheel because you can shoot parts of vehicles out i thought that was a nice touch.

hopefully new players use the academy so i dont have people on my team that dont know what buttons to press.