This is why kd ratio means absolutely nothing

Basically if you have a high kd, its because matchmaking made you carry teams which could be because of people you are partied up with or who the other team is partied up with.

So if everyone played their exact skill level, their kd would just be pretty much about 1.

Just a random thought I’d share. When I realised this, I think my mental game went up and I started playing better.


There are examples of pro teams that outslay (by a decent margin like 10-15 kills) and still end up losing objective modes, most recent example was the Optic vs Faze match in Pro Series.

K/D is massively overrated unless you only play Slayer.


K/D has never been a good stat to measure a players impact on the game.

Although generally a player who plays well every game will naturally have a better k/d. Realistically though with tight skill based matchmaking, I’d say anything over 1.2 k/d is very solid.

Like you said against perfectly matched opposition your k/d would be 1.0. Reminds me of Modern Warfare 2019, my k/d was 0.99 and I felt my lobbies were incredibly hard. My friend who fancies himself a strong CoD player played some games with me and I was going 100+ kills with minimal deaths in his lobbies. On the other side I always felt I’m a beast but when I play Warzone with two of my friends I can barely get a kill. They’re absolute mm monsters at the game.

Looking at my k/d I feel awful yet I still know against the average player I’m still very good. Yet to really good players, I am still nothing.


Though KD is never a good measure on a players impact on the game I will say the reason you’ve come to realization is because 343 changed the core gameplay to never be able to win a 1v2 in a fight using skill. So honestly KD doesn’t even matter even in slayer anymore.

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KD only matters in Slayer.
In any other mode featuring objectives, it’s less about killing and more about map control, and the team with better map awareness and control wins.

I’ve won plenty of Assault games with my team having half the enemy kills but the enemy couldn’t even get a single Bomb off.

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Same was true for every Halo game. Only time you can win a 2v1 is if the enemy players are significantly less skilled. Same is true for Infinite, however I will say two very unskilled players can now AR kill a good player in social which was never the case before.

I wouldn’t go that far. I used to win the majority of my 1v2 BR fights in every Halo until this one. But yes two unskilled players can now beat a skilled player in most cases.

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thats not my point. im saying overall kd over many matches is not a good value to measure how good someone is, even in slayer.

The TTK is lower than previous games so it does make it harder to win 2v1s. Game is still highly skill based and the better player will win a vast majority of the time.

As a general rule - the better team-mates have a KD around 1.

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I mean in a gamemode where it pits player vs player based on kills and not getting killed, KD is a fair measure of their skill in that one gamemode yes?

Kill more, die less = better at Slayer.
Are they the best at Slayer? Maybe not, but at least better than the others in the match.

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yes, and if the match is balanced and you win by 1, how much is that inccreasing you kd? Obviously its not black and white as pro teams will focus on one or more of their teammates getting more slays but all 4 are equally important

Within the context of a game yes. Your K:D reflects your performance.

The argument is that over your career stats your K:D should be closer to 1. As you get better you should face off against better quality opponents.

People with really high KD could be the best of the best… or more likely they are either a smurf account or kill farming in objective games.

or partied with a low rank player they have to carry so matchmaking gives the better player easier opponents making his kd higher.

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That’s assuming you don’t have desync, packet loss, on a server with less then 100 ping, aim assist works, and a teammate doesn’t quit or get disconnected.

That’s more like if both teams are equal no? If your team is slightly worse or slightly better, your KD will change slightly due to getting killed less or having kills taken up by the team.

Also what if you get a DC’d? Then the other 3 has to up their game to match the opponent, and as such if their kills still turn out even, it means the 3 + 1 DC are performing slightly better to make up for the stupid braindead bot.

The only argument I can see being relevant is if you mention KD isn’t being reflective of the actual stat per game. For example if someone magically only gets 5 kills and 0 deaths every single match, their KD is 5.
But even so, if they are so skilled or average to get 5 kills nil deaths every match, they have that level of skill somewhat.

im talking about average kd over many games and the reason everyyone doesnt have a 1 kd is because matchmaking is not perfect. people dont have the same skill in teams so generally someone will get a lower kd and someone willl get a higher kd. people who party up wiith a wide skill gap will find themselves carrying their worse teammates resulting in a crazy high kd over many games but it means nothing to measure how good someone is. Its simple, an onyx player can have an average 1 kd. A diamond could have a 2 kd. The diamond is not better than the onyx.

All a high kd means is that you had to play worse pllayers while your worse teammates had to play tougher plllayers in order for the match to be balanced.

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i have no understanding of how KDA is measured in this game yesterday i had a game where i went 13Ks 9Ds and 4As and it said i had a 5.7KDA how the hell did i get that high of a percentage?

I haven’t looked but it should be K + A/3 - D.

So (13 + 4/3 - 9) = 5.33

Not sure where the 5.7 came from.

thats my point a KDA is supposed to be a % not a sum

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