This is why I like Halo 5...

Let me start by saying I’m not the type of person who normally rants about things I don’t like. However, I will also not sit at my computer and let all these people endlessly rant about Halo 5: Guardians without some legitimate counterpoints. I gained access to the beta preview and am currently in love with it.

Since this is a popular complaint, I’ll give full disclaimer that I did not really start playing Halo in the CE days or even when H2 came out. After years of watching my older cousin play these first two games, one of my friends finally got an Xbox 360 and eventually Halo 3. This was far after the initial release of H3 and Halo: Reach soon cam out as well. This resulted in my friend and I playing countless ours of Reach multiplayer and campaign and my eventual purchase of a 360 because I got tired of my rank progress not being saved. I did purchase Halo 4 and initially was very into the multiplayer and hung on longer than most people, though I will admit it was not a very good game and I most likely hung on due to my love of the franchise. What I’m trying to say is I’m not the typical Halo player, or at least not the typical player who is complaining about H5:G.

Let me address the complaints of these players by pointing out the fact that none of the complaints I’ve seen actually say the game is bad. Every complaint so far has said that Guardians is too different from past Halos, and to this I say: Why is that a bad thing? 343 should not be forced to simply release a re-skinned version of H2 every year! If players want the same Halo that was released in 2004, you can now do that with MCC (yes, I am aware of the matchmaking problems, but they will be fixed!). Now, if like me you are not against any form of innovations in video games, you might also see why Halo 5 is and can be great. Like I admitted earlier Halo 4 suffered from many problems , innovation being one of them. The difference between H4 and H5 is that 4 simply innovated for the sake of innovating, by this I mean they simply said: all these other games have these things so let’s work them into our game somehow. This lead to a very odd, clunky, and incoherent game that 343 eventually tried to change completely. One thing people need to now understand is that 343 has listened, in H5 they rolled back so many changes they worked towards in H4, and even Reach, for the sake of making Halo “more like Halo”. I think Guardians has achieved the perfect balance of modernization and Haloness.

In regards to this “Haloness” that many people think in missing from H5, all I have to say is that it is not Call of Duty, nor is it any other game besides Halo. It is not an entirely crazy idea that Halo and CoD developed some similar features over time this does not mean there the same game, just like how two cars have some of the same parts but they’re obviously not the same car. 343 have taken very precise measures to make sure all of these new features maintain Halo’s unique play style. Which leads me to another point, if you have not played Halo 5 yet, you have absolutely no right to criticize it. I will admit that I was even a little skeptical of all the new things being added and changed but as soon as i got my hands on the beta every doubt was swept away and every game I played has been the most fun I’ve had with video games in a while.

I offer these solutions to anyone still boiling over with hate for Halo 5… If you want classic Halo, play The Master Chief Collection. If you don’t like the new features, don’t use them. If you still want to play for the story, play the campaign. If absolutely hate 343i and nothing will change your mind, boycott their games. If your want to have fun and are open to change, play Halo 5. But please, please do not sit at your computer and complain about how everything sucks, because it’s not going back and you can’t stop everyone else, that’s not stuck in the “good ol’ days”, from having fun.

Sorry for the long winded rant…
-Halo Forever

“-Halo Forever”

^^ Double that