This Is Why A Classic Style Halo Game Does Not Work

I wonder if a “Water Cooler” type thing could be put into Halo. Not even as a canon thing (please stop trying to make everything canon), just a loose community thing to get people together. Halo made a lot of friends before the Xbox Live Party system was made. Halo made me my friends, and I just know a lot of people who could benefit from that are missing out.
Lucid is literally the best player in the game and can’t clear 60% winrate. We all know the matchmaking is rigged, your denial changes nothing.


I would argue that it is a player issue, but it’s not a player skill issue, it’s a player population issue.

Because this game has absolutely tanked since January 2022, many people who used to play as a team are now queuing solo because none of their friends continue to play the game. Now you have a bunch of orphaned players who are used to playing as a team, with no team. And one teams tactics will differ from another’s so it’s not like someone just falls into place in another squad of randoms, and that doesn’t even take into account the players roles. With years of team play under their belt, there is an expectation of how a match should be played (at least through their eyes), and now that can’t be replicated with ever changing teams from match to match.

There are ways for players to solve this, but Infinite should have better built in systems to give players opportunities to party up. It’s not impossible, but it’s not as easy as it is in games more than a decade old.

What exactly do you think that proves? His win rate is nearly 60%, if the game was actively trying to drive it down to be at 50% why isn’t it lower? The game could easily choose to team him up with low level players against a team of high level Onyx and he would lose most of the time, to bring his percentage down.

So it’s not doing what Fos Kuvol claimed. It is trying to provide him with a fair challenge in his matches and give the other team a reasonable chance to win, which it seems to be doing a reasonable job of considering how high a level he plays at.

Aw waypoint’s really going out with a bang.

There is no Halo game that lets you carry like CE, but sure keep telling everyone its classic Halo that’s the problem. It is also important to point out that Infinite is not classic Halo, its just a classic inspired paint job slapped on top of 343 Halo.

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There hasn’t been a classic multiplayer Halo game since 2007.



It doesn’t have to. All it has to do is create even teams and it let it fall into place.

343 even formally debunked this nonsense.

All I’ve ever seen is some half -yoink- claims that fall apart with a 30 second review of their Halo Tracker.

The whole idea of matchmaking is to even the teams out. Best player. Worst player. It shouldn’t matter.

It’s a TEAM game.

But it’s not perfect. Especially in the tails of the curve. Hence his greater than 50%.

Does Halo 2 Anniversary count?
No one talks about it, but it’s arguably my favourite Halo Multiplayer experience and it runs on the Halo 4 engine. It really just shows, 343i have the tools and ability to make a great ‘Halo’ game.

MCC’s disastrous launch pretty much destroyed any chance it had.