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THESE ARE NOT MY WORDS BUT A COPY AND PASTE OF A GUY WHO SHARES MY EXACT OPINION! I will add that I have been playing Halo since 2001. I love Bungie and the series that I associate with my childhood. AND SCREW 343i, dbags need to email me and I can write a game for them. I already have a book I’m writing that will blow Halo away since 343i has destroyed it.
… "
I’d like to add, before anyone start to criticize my grammar, that my native language is NOT English. I’d like to read any article out there without a single grammar mistake that is not written in the writer’s native language. I’m here to express my opinions and points of view. Thank you.
Haven’t read the second part of this blog? I invite you to do so!
First person shooters are generic. Yes, many of them are exactly the same thing. You can throw grenades, smash other players, reload and even, commit assassinations. I own a lot of FPS, but all of them are somehow, generic. But there was one videogame franchise that was never disappointed me (except for Wars, thanks Microsoft) and it was called Halo. Yes, Halo. The one and only, real FPS. Halo is probably, the best weapon Xbox may have, but unfortunately, recent games weren’t as exciting as old ones. An imminent decay for Halo was starting since the release of the painfully Halo Wars. Then, Halo 3 ODST tried to return to its roots and heal a damaged brand, and suddenly, Reach. Halo Reach was perfection in almost every point of view. It was a perfect Halo game and probably, the best just after Halo 2. But Reach didn’t give you that flavor Halo had. Why? Because there are no Halos at all? Because the Noble Team weren’t the Master Chief? I can’t explain what it was, but the experience of the game was different from what Halo really was.
Then, came the last hope for true Halo fans (yes, I’m a true Halo fan, not a noobie Call of Duty lover). Halo 4 was supposed to be the ultimate Halo experience, not only in multiplayer terms, but also in campaign terms. It was a new beginning for Halo fans that were waiting for a revival… but the tragedy happened. Halo 4 is not only the worst Halo game I have ever played in my life, but also is the worst First Person Shooter I have ever played. Did you think Call of Duty was generic? This game is the worst crap a true Halo fan can play. When Halo: Combat Evolved was launched in 2001, all FPS games wanted to be like Halo. I remember the riots between Half Life fans and Halo fans, discussing which franchise was better. All other franchises wanted to be Halo. But, Halo 4 was more like a tribute to all Call of Duty fans. Experience? Ordnance? Overshields? Perks? Are you freaking kidding me, 343i? This was Halo, not Call of Duty!
Like I did with Skyward Sword, I’ll explain some reviews and opinions about why this game is the worst in the series. Halo 4 is nothing but a crap for the Halo universe. These Prometheans, the never-mentioned Didact and the romantic drama between the Master Chief and Cortana not only hurt this amazing franchise, but was also a deep stab in the back for all this fans who have been playing this franchise since its roots. Here are some points on why Halo 4 shouldn’t deserve to be called Halo.
Campaign: An epic… romantic melodrama…
The stupid story of this game is the worst thing about it. Drama? Are you serious, 343i? And you thought Final Fantasy XIII was a drama… Halo 4’s story is crap. There’s no other word to explain this mega epic fail. After the events of Halo 3, John 117 is put back to action. Just like that, without any memory of his past. He just awakened like a freaking robot. Cortana started to talk with him as if they had seen the whole time. What the fck happened with the “wake me when you need me”? With the events of Halo 3? The battle against the Gravemind? No, there’s nothing of that in this crap. The game only starts as the same old formula we’ve been receiving since Halo 3 and then, the game just progresses around you. No surprises, no action moments, no epic cut scenes (like the hyperspace jump in Halo 2), no nothing. Only generic “kill 'em all” sequences that are repeated a LOT of times during the game. The Quick time events are ripped off from Call of Duty, like a freaking tribute to the newbies instead to the Halo veterans who have spent 12 years of their lives playing this franchise.
Don’t get surprised, the game runs the same old formula we’ve been playing for years
Aboard the Forward unto Dawn, the most stupid, senseless and horrible thing I’ve ever seen in a videogame happens… John is attacked by an Elite. What? Is that a joke? Is that your gratitude token for the long time fans, 343i? The covenant? Are you serious? For people who thought Halo 4 was a reboot, that moment was nothing but a spit in the face. I mean, the Elites joined to the Covenant again? Just like that? All the moments they fought, banished by a stupid company? Yes, thanks 343i. Your imagination is amazing… amazing for stupid noobs that have never played Halo. Indeed, Halo 4 divided fans. It pulled new fans at the cost of long time ones like me. And most hard-to-believe part was when you see the first Elite standing side to side with a Grunt. Then, you kill him. You kill what were once your ally, and ally that was standing to your side in Halo 3. F
ck you, 343i.
As the “story” continues, the Master Chief is sucked into an unknown planet and is forced to… to what? [Add your text here] LOL. They receive a mysterious signal and slowly they find out that they’re in a Forerunner planet known as Requiem. Then, Master Chief and Cortana discover that the UNSC Infinity was (coincidentally) upon the surface of Requiem and guess what… THEY’RE SUCKED INTO THE PLANET AS WELL! laugh. I can’t believe this crap! Is this Halo? But it doesn’t end there. Later, when Master Chief tracks the location of the Infinity, he (and MANY true Halo fans) takes a big surprise: there are more Spartans. What? What’s about the “last Spartan” concept we had in Halo:CE? No, 343i took Bungie’s work and turned it into a bunch of cheap trash. If there are more Spartans, why they didn’t help during the events of Halo 3? Oh, well… that’s because Halo 4 wasn’t planned yet, right? The Spartan II project took almost 40 years to complete, and what? The Spartan IV project was completed in four years? Are you freaking kidding me? What the…?

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Sarah Palmer? Spartans? You gotta be kidding me 343i
Another thing is that those human guys talk to Master Chief as if he would be anyone else but the hero who DISAPPEARED and SACRIFICED for the humanity. I mean, look at that Del Rio -Yoink-. He shouted him like if John were a low-rank soldier. What? He saved your fcking -Yoink- years ago, btch, have more respect! But that seems important for 343i. They decided to make the Master Chief nothing but a master-loser in this game. Later, John awakens the Didact by touching a pair of stupid things and in that moment, the galaxy is threated by an “ancient enemy” (that no one ever talked about him). Since that moment, I knew Halo 4 was fated to doom. Since then, a bunch of stupid missions happen until the Master Chief leaves Requiem… Cortana was “dying” since the beginning of the game. This was the most disappointing thing about the campaign. Halo 3 started with a hint between the relationship of Master Chief and Cortana, forcing the player to retrieve her at any cost. That was the main reason to play Halo 3. Unfortunately, Halo 4 took that concept and made it even worse by adding things like “AI mayhem” and ridiculous moments like when Cortana scream like a dumb b*tch. I mean, it’s a freaking AI not a human. What 343i wanted to transmit was a human feeling over Cortana, but what they really transmitted was and evident lack of imagination. Then, the Librarian makes her debut by telling our hero the true past behind the Forerunners and the Didact itself. Nothing but a bunch of crap. Now turns out that there were “ancient” humans who were enemies of the Forerunners, and that they invented a weapon to eradicate them. How is that possible? Why they weren’t mentioned during the Bungie era? Probably because 343i sucks… this is not Halo. This is a stupid story written by a limited guy. People often refer to the Halo novels and other related stuff about the universe of Halo, but as a player, I liked Halo because of the games, not for stupid novels or comics. With Bungie, there were only two novels for me: The Fall of Reach and Ghost of Onyx. Now, 343i calls Forerunner to everything they created! I can’t believe it!
Later, when the Didact warps to a Halo, we can hear the Halo main theme played in the background, like a “tribute” for all that good moments we played together before 343i even existed. Again, stupid and senseless things happen once more as the Master Chief must protect the Composer (Martin O’Donnell?) from the evil Didact. Obviously, this game is so bad that the Didact took it somehow and he’s now warping to the earth (also the stupid cutscene where all the workers of the station are pulverized happens). Then, as you may know, the Didact reaches the earth and is finally ready to destroy it (for what?). And later blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and the Master Chief kills the Didact with a grenade ala Call of Duty style, and then, a bridge Cortana made (WTF? Now Cortana have powers?) protects him from the destruction of the Didact’s ship. Cortana says goodbye to Master Chief and then… The End. What? Now it’s about powers and the force of the Jedis? The Didact has powers? Cortana? This is the worst plot ever written, really!
Overlords? Powers? Librarians? Prometheans? I thought this was Halo…
Halo story was about the Master Chief, about Cortana, about the war of the mankind against the Covenant, and most importantly, about Halo rings not about super powerful overlords, Prometheans, Librarians or more Spartans. With Halo 4, 343i simply decided to take all the good things we loved of Halo and turn them into pure bullcrap. I’m not surprised to see more stupid stuff from now on, since Microsoft has decided to milk this franchise. I’ll miss the great stories about Master Chief… The campaign is probably the worst thing about Halo 4. If you’re a Halo fan and if you’ve never played Halo 4, don’t buy it. It’s not worth your time or money. All you’re doing is encouraging 343i to continue making craps like this.
Spartan Ops: An episodic nightmare of repeated garbage.
As the header suggest, Spartan Ops are nothing but garbage. In an effort for 343i to take DLC beyond their imagination, they added and episodic series of missions called “Spartan Ops” (Call of Duty’s Spec Ops better said) where you, as a Spartan, will progress through a season of side stories beyond the campaign. What does this mean? It means, that the real Halo 4 story is told through chapters, divided in seasons to add “depth” and replay value to the game. The problem is that these chapters are always the same crap repeated a thousand times. The same maps, the same objectives, the same weapons… the only differences are the cutscenes that explain the reason why you are playing. Oh, but this scenes can be missed if you don’t check them in the main menu.
Spartan Ops? I thought they were called Spec Ops!
But the real problem is the episodic system. Videogames shouldn’t take the way of “episodes” such as TV series. Why? It’s because we are paying enough money to get the game. Let’s put it that simple: You spend around $50 bucks for an Xbox Live Gold membership + $60 Halo 4 game. Ok, no problem there, right? Well, no, THERE IS A PROBLEM. Because you must be a Gold member to play this Spec Ops. That means you got to pay $90 dollars in order to play crap that is repeated a thousand times. Is it fair? Of course not!
Again, Halo 4 took Call of Duty’s path by adding things like this! There’s no any reason to play them. At least Firefight was funny somehow… here, there’s no even game over when everyone of your team die! Spartan Ops shouldn’t exist in the very first place. This craps are only excuses to grab this game and continue playing it until the next Halo is released.

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Music: A disaster made by an untalented loser.
Oh, ohhh ohh, oh oh… Oh oh ohhhh, ohhh, ohh ohhh ohhh… ohh ohh, ohhh ohhh ohh ohhh… Oh, ohh ohh ohh ohh ohhhhhh… Oh…
Remember the first time you ever started to play Halo: Combat Evolved? That moment when your skin turned into chicken’s because of the badass music? Halo 4’s music simply destroyed every moment of it. The music of this game is an insult to Martin O’Donnell’s and Michael Salvatori’s compositions. This guy (Neil Davidge) is a limited with no talent, and how not? The guy comes from an experimental hip-hop/pop band! Hip hop!! While Martin O’Donnell’s work was more oriented to the rock/metal genre (Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix), this stupid guy even made a limited edition soundtrack with stupid remixes made by a bunch of untalented people, including him.
Bungie’s music was a masterpiece. Davidge’s music is dull, without feeling and without talent
The main menu music of this failure just fall short to Halo’s original theme. I know 343i wanted to make a “new” beginning for Halo 4, but removing O’Donnell’s main theme hurt a lot. Also, there’s no any classic theme (excluding Unforgotten, which is played during the credits) in the game, just a bunch of stupid tunes (I can’t call them “themes”) with digital instruments. The Halo 4’s soundtrack includes fifteen themes of which only one is good. One! The music is just transient and is barely audible during the gameplay. While O’Donnell’s music encouraged you to keep playing during the epic moments of Halo 3 (One Final Effort!!), Davidge’s music is just painfully terrible, with no epic climax or feeling: just like Call of Duty’s dull music.
While Halo 2’s soundtrack was one of the most powerful soundtracks ever (it broke several records including best-selling soundtrack), Halo 4’s soundtrack was made to complete the game, with no love for the music. 343 didn’t care about the fans; they just wanted to make easy money by adding the word Halo to this game. There’s no doubt that 343i will hire someone else for Halo 5, but if they decide to continue working with this untalented idiot (Davidge), Halo music will no longer enter in the charts.
Multiplayer: The ultimate Call of Du-… Halo experience…
As I said before, Halo 4 is the most generic multiplayer experience. It is the worst FPS shooter I have ever played in my life. Remember the golden era of Halo 3? The one-on-one battles? The skill based ranking system? The great maps and playlists? Yes? Well, keep remembering them because Halo 4 is no way near to reaching that golden age. Halo multiplayer was about map control, about teamwork, about strategy and most importantly, about skill. When a guy was shooting you from the other side of the map, you could react to his attacks, and if you were good enough, you could beat him. Halo 4 involves no skill at all. The game is designed to be noobie-friendly. How? What happened? How can 343i add a weapon that kills of a single shot (Boltshot)? So, first things first: the weapons.
Halo 4 suffers a disastrous unbalance of weapons, starting with the painfully Loadout weapons. The DMR is the favorite long range weapon, because the reticle doesn’t open every time you fire a shot, giving you a HUGE advantage. The BR is a mediocrity compared to Halo 3’s BR. It only works from short range to mid-range and if you connect three shots to the head, the guy is dead. The assault rifle (as many other automatic weapons) is completely overpowered. Any noob can pick up the AR/Magnum combo and kill any veteran. Adding secondary such as Plasma Pistols or Boltshots is completely unfair for anyone. Now everyone can stop the toys -I mean the vehicles- and hijack or destroy them. But the worst thing of all is the Boltshot. I’ve never seen Bungie encouraging one-shot kills. But what exactly happened? Why 343i did take a wrong path? Here’s the key.
How can you call competitive to a game where everyone can grab anything ramdomly?
Halo was an Arena shooter. You want to know what an arena shooter is? Well, an Arena shooter is a game were all the players start with the very same equipment. What really makes an arena shooter is the field control (Ye the one who controls the field, controls the battle) the strategy, and the skill (how Halo really was, anyone?). Now, the CLASS shooters were totally different. These games encourage the players to select a variety of weapons of their choice, so they can kill however they want. So, do you need any other explanation? 343i seemed to not have vision for this, and they just changed the formula of the equation, removing things like in-map weapons, grenade resupply, in-map power ups and the vehicles. The game just took the wrong path, copying everything Call of Duty had and turning it even worse.
But the loadout weapons are the least thing to worry about in this game. The ordnance weapons are completely overpowered starting with the SAW. The SAW is an insult to every gamer who spent years trying to master his accuracy. That weapon is present in almost every map of any playlist and you know what, it kills you almost immediately giving you no time to counter attack. As I said before, 343i encourage one-shot kills and the proof of it are a lot of weapons including the Railgun, SAW, The Sticky Detonator, Boltshot, The Incineration Cannon, The Binary Rifle and the Scattershot. Adding this weapons, plus the already existing ones (Shotgun, Plasma Sword, Rocket Launcher, Fuel Rod, Spartan Laser, Gravity Hammer and the Needler) gives us a total of fourteen weapons that kills immediately. Fourteen! You cannot survive in the battlefield anymore! When I started playing Halo 4, I was wondering why I died so much. Now I know why… it’s because 343i made a disaster trying to balance the weapons.

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This weapon doesn’t involve any type of skill…
The maps, playlist and the overall multiplayer experience don’t feel like a Halo game at all. Starting with the physics: the Spartans now move much faster than before. This is a completely false step for the franchise. Now everything is like in Call of Duty; everything destroys really quickly and everyone dies easily. The energy shields are a freaking joke. They just deplete so damn fast that you don’t even realize you had in the very first place. When you receive enemy fire, your Spartan will now flinch like in Call of Duty (are you fcking kidding me? It’s a freaking super advanced human!), giving you less use of skill and more luck to chance. The magnetism of the reticle is more lightly now, meaning that any noob can fire like a stupid and kill you easily. When an enemy is firing at you, and you counter him, his scope won’t deactivate, instead he’ll continue shooting without worries because of that. If you’re hit while crouching, your Spartan won’t stand up… I mean, all of these weren’t issues for a Halo game, these were ACTUAL features that made Halo so unique, but 343i decided to either remove or modify them to make feel Halo 4 different. Thank you for destroying Halo, 343i. Also, the killcams are completely inaccurate.
Adding things like ordnances upgrades (Overshields, Damage increases and Speed Boosts), Tactical Packages and Support upgrades simply destroys any love I had to this franchise. Halo was different from any other shooters, because there were not upgrades to help you in the battlefield but adding this type of things not only change the overall experience of the franchise, but encourage to not continuing supporting 343i. The Specializations are completely useless, there’s no even point to level them up. The system was made in an effort to copy Activision’s Call of Duty class system, but obviously this is not even Halo related. The armor, skins and even the support packages of each one are a complete waste of time. There’s even a support package to level up faster!!! For god’s sake!! How can you call competitive to that?!! There a lot of good shooters 343i could’ve rip off things from, including Killzone or even Gears of War, but they decided to copy the most mainstream franchise ever: Call of Duty. Why?! I loved Halo because it was Halo, not a freaking cheap game that was released every f
cking year!! Fck you 343i!
This is not competitive, 343i… this is unfair!
The maps are crap! If you want to play a good map, I recommend you to play Halo 3, because this game has a mediocre list of maps. All of the maps are completely symmetric! None of them are unique. Let’s take a look to the small maps (4v4): Abandon, Adrift, Haven and Solace. All of them have a centered structure, in which there’s something like an Overshield, a Sword or a Sniper. In the case of Haven, the map is used mostly in Slayer but the symmetric structure make every move predictable (really different to Halo 3’s Guardian, which had several unique structures). Most of the Big Team maps are symmetric as well giving us more like a beta phase of the game rather than a complete one. Also, 343i decided to release three map packs in less than six months, all of them priced at 800MSP, giving a total of nine maps that should have been included on the disc.
The playlists are ridiculous. Regicide? Dominion? WTF? What kind of stupid playlists are those? 343i took around four months to add the complete playlist set, but they added more playlists than any other game in the series. You barely see the playlists with more than 1000 people playing them; only four playlists are beyond 2000 players which are Big Team Slayer, Big Team Skirmish, Infinity Slayer and SWAT. And how not? The total population fell 87% in six months… SIX MONTHS!! That means 400,000 people started to play Halo 4 in November. Now, there are around 20,000 people playing every day! And how not? The game has too much sucky playlists and very few players that want to play stupid game modes such as Dominion, Regicide or the stupid Infinity Slayer (Call of Duty’s Team Deathmatch better said). Would someone like to be killed every three seconds? I don’t think so. I would play Black Ops instead… While Halo 3 took around four years to lose the 87% of population, Halo 4 took only six months. With this, a LOT of players felt Halo 4 like a sh
tty game and decided to move to other shooters.
With the lack of the community support, Halo 4 barely will last three years. There’s no MLG playlist, no RedvsBlue, no community maps… People simply stopped from supporting this game because it’s so bad, that nobody would like to return! True Halo fans were not disappointed; they were betrayed by a stupid company!
Halo 4 is broken, unplayable and most important, it’s a huge disappointment. It’s the worst Halo game ever and it’s the worst FPS I’ve ever played. Now that the next generation of consoles is coming, Halo players are in a terrible debate: Halo 5 or Bungie’s Destiny? I don’t see how Halo 5 will be a massive game to bring back the old days. I’ll prefer to play Destiny on PlayStation 4, than play (being by robbed Microsoft better said) Halo 5 in the sucky Xbox One. After Halo Wars, I realized I’m a Bungie fan, not a Halo fan. I’m totally convinced of this with Halo 4… A lot of people bash Call of Duty for being so generic, but I’m sure Halo 4 is the most generic shooter ever. Why nobody says a thing about this failure? Because it says “Halo” in the box. That’s all!
I’m sure there are more issues I don’t remember at this moment, but I’ll add them later in an update. All I can say for now is that Halo died the day Bungie left. There’s no way 343i can repair a heavily damaged brand, and with Halo: Spartan Assault, the bunch of stupid stuff (novels, comics, figures, art books, etc.) and the new TV series, it’s clear what Microsoft is doing: milking the franchise. The good days are gone for good. From now on, everything we’ll hear about Halo will be bad. Making money from something they didn’t create is a disgrace, but what can we do? Support Bungie, the real Halo. Microsoft only care about our wallets…
I’m a huge Halo fan (I started to play Halo since Combat Evolved), but all I can say is that 343i didn’t make a bad game… they betrayed true Halo fans. They ruined our Halo. Agree? Disagree? Let’s discuss in the comments below. Thank you for reading!
Update #1: I’m going to share with you some info regarding 343i behavior. Seems that I’m not welcome in the forums at Halo Waypoint anymore. I’ve been banned from posting only because I said several facts about Halo 4 (and the future of the franchise in general). Well, who knows if 343i will ever listen to the fan feedback, but this is a proof that right now, they are not listening. See you later guys.

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Update #2: On May 16th 2014, 343i announced Halo 5: Guardians, the next entry on the franchise. I have mixed feelings about it, specially on the story. 343 has said on theofficial blog that they’re doing their best effort on improving Halo, and it will be a “traditional” experience. What do you guys think? Will you give 343i another chance? I doubt it, until I play it, I don’t have my expectations too high.
Update #3: Before posting a comment about my lack of knowledge of the Halo lore, please take a minute to understand that I haven’t read any other media related to the franchise. That means that I don’t have the time or dedication to know about it, not because I don’t want to. So please, understand that being a “hardcore” Halo fan doesn’t mean to read related media that shouldn’t be canonical. During the Bungie era, Halo games were explained within themselves. Other media is good to supply the Halo lore, not to make it part of the canonical games.
Update #4: Halo The Master Chief Collection was launched on 11/11. Unfortunately, it was punished by 343’s lack of networking knowledge: the servers are not working. And again, the same Halo 4 story repeats once more, selling us a half-developed game and giving us stupid promises and excuses. There’s no doubt that 343 REALLY sucks developing games. Also, the Halo 5 Guardians beta was officially introduced causing negative reaction to the loyal fanbase, since the game features ADS (aiming down the sights), unlimited sprint and high jumps a-la-Titanfall style. Any other doubt? Halo is ruined already. Please loyals fans… open your eyes.
SO WHAT DO Y’ALL THINK? AGREE? Well you should

Dude I agree with everything you just said and I wish that they had just left it with bungie or just never made another halo game, they should of just stopped with reach.

So much wrong with that…

I’m not even sure I want to commit my time to picking it apart.

Wow… this rant is just all over the place, and I disagree with just about every aspect of it. Not worth the time going into detail about how crazy that rant truly is. If you are a Bungie fan there is a game called Destiny you may enjoy. I am sure it has nothing wrong with it in your eyes since it was made by Bungie and you will be very happy there.