This is what needs to happen

Don’t you see guys we need each other, the “fanboys” and the “haters”. Without the haters, 343i will think the game is absolutely perfect, and will not try to fix anything. Without the fanboys, 343i will try to fix too much and ruin the game “even more so.” Each group needs each other in order to have the perfect game. It is like having your cake, and eating it too. So what do you say lets agree to disagree and make this game better.

Just like what hippies and the far right do for North American politics…


Also, if they started getting along it would ruin the whole balance of things

Quickly! We must resume arguing on the internet!

Do you know what kind of offspring that would produce?!

OP you’re wasted here. Sean Hannity’s Message Board needs you… to eat alive.

False. You can post construstive feedback on issues with out being a blind hater. Which makes up 99% of the forums sadly.