This is what happens when you try to change

They took years to get the master chief collection right, they should of just copied and pasted all the mechanics, ranks, cosmetics, weeklies, and what ever else to infinite then add alittle something something to that and called it a day. We were all happy with the way that game was built.


I agree the game is not in the best place right now. If they did what you suggest though we would be complaining instead how they had 6 years and only copy and pasted a MCC clone.

I’m just saying if they did that in the first place it wouldn’t of taken 6 years and I’m sure majority of the community would be happy.

There’s definitely some lessons it feels like that could have learned and carried forward from MCC. Long running series seem like they need to try to find a good balance between using some things that are tried and true fan favorites, but also introducing some new things to get people interested in the series again. Unfortunately the balance in Infinite is definitely off at the moment.


It seems like the MCC and Infinite team had no communication at all.


To be fair MCC was only supposed to be 3 games (4 multiplayer variants) which took a little less than a year after launch to become fully playable.

At the point of Halo 5’s launch it was “right”, everything that came after was tertiary and not representative of the original experience, nor was it planned as such from what we know.

The playlist system in MCC is honestly impeccable, probably one of if not the single best feature of the MCC from a design/UI standpoint. This should absolutely have a spot in Infinite.

The leveling system is not bad, but it’s not great either.

Visible progression is fine, but it’s an absolute grind even with challenges (as I’ll get to). Infinite’s isn’t much better, but having a standard length of XP is both boring but less of a ever steepening mountain to climb like MCC’s is.

The fact you stop earning unlock points after you hit a certain point is also a kick in the teeth.

All in all, I truly prefer Infinite’s current progression system to MCC’s.

From a visual standpoint or an unlock standpoint?

Honestly going back to the progression system and the means of using it, the challenges in MCC are such a slog to grind through that I personally outright ignore them. Exceptions were made for seasonal unlocks, but the weeklies are just so poorly telegraphed and visually noisy and just difficult to navigate.

Again I actually prefer the challenge system we have for Infinite over the cluttered mess that we have in MCC.

…In the end

The game doesn’t resemble anything close to what the game was intended to be.

There’s a lot of factors for why this is the case, but ultimately with the way Infinite is marketed and built, there’s only some features from MCC that could truly carry themselves well in Infinite.

It’s pretty simple actually. They needed a new face for Halo and new hype. A new campagin and multiplayer would be 343s chance to get it right again. If they just used MCC and Halo 5 as a template they wouldnt be able to create this new hype. To 343 the game needs to look like a departure from the last game.

I don’t agree with the above. MCC and Halo 5 already have content we are asking for. They couldve just used the exsisting multiplayer and just made a campagin for a new story. I don’t see why we have to spend many years all over again to get the same content we already have in other games

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I mean I personally wasn’t crazy about progression in the MCC, would totally have taken the reach system though!