This is what 343 needs to do on December 8th

-Put credits in the battle pass, maybe 100 every 5 tiers.
-If you won’t do the first point, give us a stacked amount of Credits per week so we can use them whenever we want, for the BP or the very questionable cosmetics.
-lower the price of cosmetics in the store.
-Take armour and colours out of the store, and put everything else in there.
-Improve the battle pass with the armour you had taken out for the store.
-Give armour for commendations and campaign/achievements rewards.
-Give an extra 25, or 50xp for the daily challenge.
-Add all the game modes and maps planned at launch.

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Yeah it’s a little odd that they stacked the battle pass with challenge swaps & XP boosts as oppose to a credit reward every now & then.


Actually it makes perfect sense as to why they didn’t put credits in the battle pass its because it never expires I keep seeing people say they should put enough credits in the battle pass to pay for the next battle pass like some other games do but people don’t seem to get that that defeats the whole purpose of having battles passes that never expire

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I think what you see is what you’re going to get at launch and I don’t expect them to do anything meaningful until the new year.

They’re on Thanksgiving break now and won’t be around for most of December for the holidays.

Yup. Even if the reduced all of the challenge swaps and xp boots in half and replaced that 50% with CR drips it would do wonders to help this current progression system/battle pass

People also want credits to buy stuff in the store. Not just to change the price of the next battle pass

The purpose is to “thank” your customers/supporters/players for playing your video game. Nobody is forcing them to, but if you don’t pay attention and/or take care of them, they will just leave.

Right now, Halo Infinite is an empty shop where nobody will talk to you unless you order something and that’s the Battlepass. If you don’t buy it, there is no reason to play. Yes you will be having fun, but even that will end. Why? Because they don’t give you anything. Now, this would’ve been fine 20-15 years ago but people have changed, the demands have changed. In CE, nobody cared about the customization part, partly because it was restriced to choosing a color (that you would rarely see, especially if you only played team games) but that was the Arena shooter era, where people only cared about the game-fun aspect of it. Things have changed and you have to take care of your audience or they will choose something else to play.

(This is a Copy paste of my big post)

I have wrote a long post to my friend about this but I am just gonna do bullet points. Feel free to correct or add you own comments.

Battlepass + Progression + Cosmetics

  • Levels should be 500xp
  • Level should take between 5-8 games
  • XP gained should be minimum 75xp a game with supplemented performance on top of it
  • Keep challenges SIMPLE, Keeps teams focused on playing the game
  • Tone down the cosmetics in store. You seem to think player will slurp it up when reality we’ll go the other way.
  • If a battle pass is achievable more players are likely to invest in it
  • F2P doesn’t mean that everything should be behind a paywall.
  • Give F2P 1 customization unlock every 5 levels
  • Add premium currency to the pass
  • Use most successful battlepass as a reference point
  • Armour Cores should allow us access to mix n match (DEMOYEET)
  • No insentive to play post challenge completion (DEMOYEET/Myself)
  • Lower store prices. More people will buy from it then (DEMOYEET)
  • Allow us to colour our armour how we want too and sell extra colours off like other games e.g. Warframe (DEMOYEET)


  • Let people decide their play state
  • Crossplay optional
  • Add Player Collison
  • BTB shouldn’t be long timers between vehicles, quick spawns
  • Fix the weapons so balance is restored.
  • Let us play the way we want to play
  • Gamemode selection down to what game types we are playing
  • BTB add BR Spawns
  • Add a levelling system outside of the Pass
    • This could even just give us a ingame currency to buy items or loot boxes but don’t monetize it (Enialat3r suggestion)
  • FOV problems (DEMOYEET)
  • Audio Problems (DEMOYEET)
  • Aim Assist (The Entire Controller Community)
  • Map weapon Balance spawns (SuperEgo366)
  • Challeneges should be completeable in 1-2 games NOT 5-20 (Ken)
  • Remove Vehicle based challenges (Numerous people)
  • Vehicles need set spawns and low respawn timers (Enialat3r)
  • Grenades feel inconsistent (My friend)
  • Some challenges do not track correctly still (Sherbdog13)


We have on record/forum post and everything, words you as the Dev team have said then gone back on. If there isn’t any notable improvements coming to this game then I will probably drop off.

This isn’t just about the BP, I get why some of you are frustrated, but if this is what to expect in the future then they need to add an in-currency like Destiny has Bright dust, and a hell of a lot more f2p content to justify the price gouging.

Right now, 343 has one of the worse shops out. Not even Bungie charges $20 for a shader…

I’m expecting things to change a bit by Dec 8th, but that remains to be seen.

This actually would make no sense. A new battle pass is 1000 credits. That would mean by the time you complete 1 battle pass you could buy 2 more. On top of that, if you buy 1 battle pass you’d never buy another one (you’d be able to buy a new one for free halfway through your current one).

Eh I think just giving away credits doesn’t actually even encourage people to play. It’s basically inflating the game’s population by subsidizing it. This would never happen. If it’s tied to player engagement, possibly, but not just for signing in.

Doubt this will happen. These prices are the norm for just about every other f2p out there.

Agree with this one although we need to see what unlocks the campaign gives us. Apparently the leaks weren’t real (or didn’t include all the unlocks).

Overall I was think a reasonable compromise would be to have 2 credit systems. One for buying battle passes (this one could also convert to store credit and it would be the currency you get when buying gift cards IRL) and another store credit. Through the battle pass you could be awarded store credits. With those you could add additional flavour to your spartan after the battle pass. However it would prevent you from being able to buy unlimited battle passes by just purchasing one (because battle passes never expire).

Outside of progression (because I really couldn’t care less about it) there are a few things needed:

  • more playlist variety (at minimum, team slayer is needed)
  • bring back missing modes (this won’t happen at launch)
  • improve custom games settings (right now we can’t choose a random starting weapon or choose our starting equipment)
  • fix up btb vehicle spawns (both frequency and balance - give both teams the same stuff)
  • add back friendly player collision
  • add back friendly fire
  • increase btb slayer kill limit
  • fix btb bug where fireteams are split
  • remove Ar headshot multiplier

Nah, the gameplay is fun af. People are still playing H2 in MCC, where there is also very little customization. People are still playing H3 in MCC, and while there is plenty of customization in the game, I doubt anyone is still playing simply to get the new armors. People are still playing these games 15 years later because they are fun af. As long as they don’t update anything that ruins the fun in-game, I will be playing this game until the next one comes out, and probably won’t buy a single battle pass or custom armor.

I’m not denying that there will be plenty of people that jump into Infinite, see a lackluster customization offering, and leave the game. But there will also be a legion of fans that stick with the game simply because it is fun to play.

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Need to shut the game down delay another year to reflect on poor choices made and fix this dumpster fire.

If the Daily Challenge is changed to Win a Game. This quit ban + AFK meta is bonkers right now. No need to reward that even more.