This is very bad right now, too many lies from 343 and things that need to change

Heres what ive had to say the way its written is scuffed but it makes sense this is directed at 343, Things need to change, gameplay feels good yes and no hit registration feels off the ammount of times i get audio feedback for say meleeing or dealing any damage somebody then nothing happens damage wise is too many. Fov effects ur aim assist and reticle size like since when it shouldnt work like that right? aiming still feels buggy especially in close quarters.

Now the stuff that makes me wanna stop supporting 343 in general, coatings drastically need to change atleast after promos have dried up there are so many easy changes that could fix them just pick one for example have a fully customizable coating we the player can customize cause at the moment ur customization offers basically no player expression, monetize different textures and patterns emblems etc. Not base colours like what were u thinking, you know what u could even monetize whole pallets like grey scale or vibrant etc. But not individual colours go nuts just like warframe does.

experience earned needs to change heres a bonus fact i stopped playing cause i finished my weekly challenges no point in contiuing to play if i cant progress fairly even with challenges an the minor change recently made its too slow and unrewarding and not fun.

armour cores HAVE TO CHANGE cant mix an match all armours on one body or mix all the poorly designed coatings onto said one body/core, the only people who dont care about these things and say theyre fine are the people who arent going to buy them in the first place.

343 you must lower prices everything is ridiculously overpriced even compared to other free to plays, lower the cost of buying campaign it shouldnt be full price as if multiplayer is included, if ur monetizing multiplayer its not a full game, campaign wont even be finished upon release (split screen as one example) it doesnt matter if multiplayer is free to play for people without it, one fix give us a fully customizable coating and fully mix and matchable armour core plus idk 3 free future battle passes to redeem if the campaign is purchased and sold at full triple A price or just half or take a quarter off the price and go ur greedy ways an leave it be an that second one is me trying to let 343 be a bit greedy.

This stuff needs to happen, otherwise myself and alot of other players are dropping this faster then anything ive played before its fun yes but there are gonna be other games that will be better coming soon and that are already out i want to stick with this but its so obviously an unfinished greedy cash grab that it hurts to see ik you can do better one step foward 3 steps back with you lot so it seems, please prove me wrong. Come on 343 dont let the good reception upon release make u think everything ur doing is right pull ur head in and fix ur game, Its sad to see. I know im only one person, i will have hope but if this stuff isnt changed and 343 doesnt start making decent decisions on this type of stuff i and many people are out there wont be supporting this company any more im starting to get ubisoft and EA vibes from them😬. I love halo. But might just stick with what bungie did if 343 cant change their ways. There are obviously so many more things i could mention but leave your thoughts regarding anything related


Completely agree. The lack of customization is disturbing in this game. Lack of emblems, the fact the you pay for armor kit and it’s locked to that kit only. There literally is no diff to body shape/size from mark v to mark Vll so there’s no reason we have to select a specific armor core and stick with that. The grind on this battle pay (even with the 50 xp per match) makes me feel like me more frustrated to play this game. I’ve been playing halo since the beginnings and honestly had to stop playing due to halo 5 being a mess and dependent on req packs. Go back to how halo reach and even halo 4 did it. The game feel like work as I have to hope matchmaking rng give me the game type I need or map with the damn shade turret so I can try and get a challenge completed. I just wanna play with friend, be a unique Spartan and if I happen to clear some challenges on the way to help level up on top or a regular xp earns from my game performance, even better. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and believe me, this is broke


I can get behind this 95%, but that other 5% I feel people need to give 343i credit because their past two mess ups (MCC, H5) they did try to fix constantly and provided a lot of free content for.

Halo infinite should be judge gameplay first. That is where we directly see what they do and do not listen to the community and the leap in quality TO ME; when compared to prior titles, is showing drastically.

Cosmetics are cool and I like looking cool but to drop something because of something you don’t even see during gameplay is kinda weird, But these concerns are legit.

If the core system is separate it should also be equally yoked and not disrupt my progress if I choose not to purchase it. You get you first armor piece at lvl 21 (visors don’t count) and in between that is just challenge swaps and locked content. That’s ridiculous.

Basic Colors and visors should not be a unlock to have two (or 3) separate color unlock systems for. This is ridiculous. If I unlock a red it’s should be unlocked across the board.

There not Activision, EA, or bungie bad. But this is a start to being like them.


I get what youre saying and agree with you pretty much 95%too some people enjoy just playing the game, cool, but some people enjoy customizing a spartan and knowing thats what you look like,

i agree with you sorta but youre basically saying its weird that im going to drop a game cause of a predatory system that doesnt allow me to do what i and many other people have fun doing, just cause i dont see it while im shooting stuff, and part of that fun is be creative and customize said character to be yours its fun its part of playing the game so if the game doesnt allow a player to do what is fun to them its fair to drop said game for something better especially if the company making the game is creating an unplayer friendly game which halo infinite i feel currently is

i dont think 343 deserves credit they are making these decisions knowing full well what they are doing, i feel like judging the multiplayer gameplay on its own is judging a book by its cover same can be said for the other stuff though so it needs to be judged as a whole they deserve credit in MY OPINION when they finally listen to their community and create what people actually want and i think they got half way to that credit and went yeah nah screw it lets be a scummy and greedy corperation, dont get me wrong that half way there is the gameplay but right now the playerbase is divided between people who dont care about the customization/monetization cause they wont drop the moneyand people who do care cause they dont like being scammed and lied to, that doesnt deserve any credit its like someone half painting a car then going “gotta give him some credit he got halfway there”

Completely different not related to what u said lol, Im not just complaining i am offering potential solustions for 343 aswell. to think the campaign is costing full price like all the other halo games whilst still having the multiplayer be so predatory just cause u can get into a lobby for free is fu(ked

but i pretty much agree with ur sentiment an understand ur points of view :kissing_heart:

Agreed. Thing is they literally don’t care.