This is the worst battlepass in gaming

We KNOW you’re hiding half of your cosmetics to sell it to us at £8 a piece.

The best armours, overpriced AND locked to one core. Furthermore locked in the store, away from us to EARN to buy separately. We can’t earn credits, we SHOULD. Loyalty should be rewarding, not a neccessity to get the BARE MINIMUM.

The yoroi event? 21 of 30 unlocks are swaps, grants or skins or colours! Where’s the rest of the armour, in the damn shop!

You’ve monitised primary colours even, 343. How are you WORSE and more cutthroat with damn colours than Activision?

At least in Halo 5, I could earn some credits. I can’t believe these prices in the shop. This is an outrage, an absolute outrage. I love this game, but I will not be here if it stays like this. 343 you need DRASTIC changes pronto so you don’t seem so scummy and greedy.

Look at MCC, and copy that. Your core game is amazing, but everything else is god awful.

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