This is the thanks we get?

After delaying the game over a year, and not releasing the game in full. I find it hard to truly enjoy the game in the way I enjoyed Halo Reach and the games before it.

I mean don’t get me wrong, the campaign brought me back in a lot of ways.

But it doesnt make up for that year.
Especially because…
Matchmaking is broken, no pre-or-postgame lobbies.
No forge at release
multiplayer progression is just greedy. Total crap.
2000 points is $20, if you think im paying 20 dollars for MAYBE FIVE OR SIX ITEMS, you developers are out of your minds.
No extra rewards for completing heroic or legendary, not even different customizations from the mjulnir crates. Just the same ones you already unlocked.

You developers are taking a half-@ss call of duty approach to what should be a legendary and fulfilling game.

Halo 5s req packs left a bitter taste in my mouth and the infinite shop made it even worse.

If these shenanigans continue, it may be time to hang up the Spartan helmet for good.

It really hurts to say that because at this point I’ve spent DECADES with halo.

Think of your fans as customers, 343, we’ll never stick around if you overcharge us for a product doesnt deliver on its promises.

This is such a strained relationship between the developers/Game and the players. This monetization scheme of theirs is leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths, making it hard to just enjoy the game for what it is. To those that say “just play Halo for fun” think of it this way. Your significant other is a joy to be around when you first met them. As the years go on some things change but they are still a good time. Eventually though, they start getting into habits that are changing their personality. Even making them ask for large sums of money from you.

The joy and pleasure you had starts to fade because that person is becoming a chore to be around. You never know when they are going to ask you for a favor just to give you a little joy in return. When before all they wanted was to be yours and you theirs. Sooner or later you get tired of it and find yourself ready to move on because it is just not fun anymore.

I am with you on not playing anymore…I mean hell, once I finished the Tenrai event I went back to other games and have not picked up Halo since.

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