This is the most predatory monetisation scheme in a long time

They’re currently selling reach armor in the shop for $7 that requires owning the BP to use…

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You obviously haven’t read this thread. They need compensation for the work, giving away multiplayer, delays on the game, etc. You seriously expect everything to be available for free? Or for the cost of ‘$60’ if you buy the campaign? You people are ridiculous.

Did you buy anything?

I think it’s only some nameplates and backdrops - no armour.

Destiny is not Halo. Nor were they made by the same company. I agree on Destiny being garbage after it was hyped to be so great. I stopped playing after 2 years of the constant tactics of being monetised. This is not the same.

The same thing happened to me. I think like you and I left Destiny 2 after the first DLC. I refused to pay a lot for almost nothing. I pray Halo doesn’t end like this. it would be very sad …

I don’t think they would. 343i is not the same as Bungie, they did not get in bed with Activision, and they just wanted to use the name of Bungie to get as much money as possible. Microsoft invested the money instead, and they are not the same as Activision.

these microtransactions will be the death of this game. I would much rather pay for a game and unlock items over time, rather having a “free” game and pay for everything. the prices for items are too high. in halo five $10 at least got you five or six helmets. MCC was one price and they add stuff for free all the time. that kills the “its a free game” argument. not to mention anyone with a gamepass is paying $180.00 a year, so I think they have plenty of funding for free cosmetics.


All the players have to do is band together and say no I’m not paying for that because we never had to do it before.


I mean… They were originally lol. Obviously they’re not now but this wasn’t the start to a reply that I expected XD

Actually destiny was alright, one of the few live service games I played for years that kept coming back over and over again with content. But - it was grindy as hell and took up so much of my time gaming doing the same tasks that I had to take significant breaks & eventually gave up on it.

What also happened with Destiny is that when destiny 2 launched it was filled to the brim with eververse microtransactions, where almost all unlockables that in the first game could be earned were now purchase only (minus the bright engrams).

I find it hilarious that you’re all “oh 343i aren’t bungie, Microsoft aren’t Activision” when Halo Infinite has literally launched in the exact same state, if not worse because not only are 95% of unlockables in the store, there isn’t even a way to unlock them without paying.

At least the game itself is free right now, but if you consider that so is destiny beyond light, and if you wanna play Halo’s campaign it’ll set you back either $60 or a subscription fee (which is worth tbf cause gamepass is great), they’re really not that different. Infact I’d be very surprised if Destiny didn’t hugely influence the monetization strategy for this game.



You are going to rustle the jimmies with that talk.

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343i was not ‘originally’ Bungie. They have some members of Bungie, but most moved to Destiny/other jobs when they sold the rights to be out from under microsoft. Halo was Bungie originally, yes, but the newer ones are not the same, and Destiny was never 343i. You are claiming them to be the same because they both had hands on Halo, and they use monetization? That’s just absurd.

If you don’t want monetization, then you shouldn’t buy anything. It’s the simple. They wouldn’t put forth the effort into new items/armor, if they couldn’t make money off of the cost. It’s seriously the easiest thing to figure out if you know ‘pay stuff, get stuff’ of economy. You are all complaining, and acting worse than my 9 year old.

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I gotta stop you there. Have you recently checked what’s leaving games pass soon? That argument wont be valid in a couple weeks since it’s being removed from the store with the newest DLC coming out so while bungie may have been fun for a short period (I beat the damn campaign for both in like 3 hours full dlc installed on both [d2 doesnt have all yet] ) truthfully on my end I found those games sucked. Short campaigns hardly any unlockables and the game felt like borderlands customization with our content mainly being different guns instead of outfits or armor. And the eververse wasnt horrible there was still customization that you could easily unlock without it in d2 but not d1 as d1 had content exclusive to year 1. Halo here has pretty much no customization and the grind for levels is hysterical almost insanity as this is probably the biggest grind I’ve seen for any leveling system and its trash. 343 has had 10 years to get their crap together. First was a love story then we got the game that doesnt know what it wants to be (h5) and now weve got a game with a crap grind and a heavy pay to look cool monetized platform that isnt even interchangeable between armors or armor styles. Like why are some of these locked to color I’d rather be wearing the mark v b Just because it currently has the most customization personally with mcc customization being something they’ve been doing for years why should this game be any different.

If we pay for the campaign, we should not have to pay for anything in multiplayer. It’s as simple as that. Unless the standard price of non-f2p games has changed as of late


But it really really isnt. How do you not get that.

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It really is though. It has been since Halo 3. It’s a persistent experience designed to transcend the individual matches, and these things are- again- intertwined by design.

If this weren’t the case, then playing the game would not unlock armor, and would not have offered a military styled “ranking” progression system (Halo 3 and beyond). The changes affected by customization wouldn’t even be apparent while playing the game. Maybe you’re not personally aware of the deliberate effect customization has on playing video games, but many players and the devs definitely are, and have explicitly stated as much.

If you would like to learn more, simply Google “academic paper player customization video games”. At this point there is literally science to it.

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Does having the cosmetics give you an advantage in any way. No. Does it make you better or worse depending on what you have. No. Does having a cosmetic change your rank in any way. No. Point made. Next question.

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Okay, 19 days old so doesn’t account for later changes.

You don’t have to buy any of the cosmetics and if you think they’re overpriced then you don’t buy them. That’s true of anything you buy.

It’s an FPS so your cosmetics aren’t super important like a 3rd person game. They’re neat, there might even be some value to them. But it really shouldn’t be a big deal.

Older games with all the cosmetics also had less content. Compare Halo 3 to Halo 5. You did get a steady stream of content whereas in 3 you got a limited set of a dozen armours with set challenges. In the long term Halo Infinite will have a a lot more content than a normal game.

It’s exactly the same as Call of Duty’s Battlepass. I want to get the Wraith skin so you shell out for the Battlepass. Is the Wraith skin worth that? Probably not, but that’s just how it is. There’s nothing exceptional or odd about Halo Infinite to require singling out.

With the new daily challenges I reckon everyone will have completed the Battle Pass long before May. Honestly, you don’t really need to focus on the challenges. Its hypocritical to be okay with them and take such extreme exception to Halo Infinite.

Iam more interested in enjoying the game after the last few years. It’s a good thing.

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You’re confusing “gameplay” with things like “winning” and “ability”.

Again, these things are unquestionably and deliberately intertwined. For example, while having an armor doesn’t grant more ability, challenges which required ability to overcome were often a means to acquire certain armor types; “adornments”, if you will. This is gameplay.

If you wanna keep arguing this, I dont: but I can just start dropping scientific papers which explore the relatonship between character custmization and gameplay if you insist- I’ve read one of them myself which I can link. Or you can google it yourself like I said.

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K with you’re statement right let’s check three to reach. 3 still follows the original of some armors but not a lot then you have reach the next game after odst which had the most customization we had even seen in a game yall forget not only did with have things like the armor we had armor effects and voice lines for firefight our service tag colors and nameplates were all unlockable through challenges or the grind not a paywall. Now thanks to call of duty a series that has been dying fast lately. We have this free to play model. Well one problem with that it invites cheaters. With that I’ll ask what killed warzone and let you answer that as you know damn well what caused it. Halo is right on track for the exact same problem not to mention how much backlash Activision and bungie received over destiny for eververse so screw the free to play model it’s a cheap gimmick that’s going to be halos official death because 343 wont be able to keep up with those cheaters