This is the most predatory monetisation scheme in a long time

We only have 343s word to base that on. Game could have been gold by the time they dropped the “beta” and just held off on the press release, because they have to meet that date anyway.

And yes I’m donning my tinfoil hat and being especially pessimistic. I worked in advertising long enough not to trust these kind of statements and press releases.

We only have 343s word to base that on. Game could have been gold by the time they dropped the “beta” and just held off on the press release, because they have to meet that date anyway.

So you’re bad faith and just assert shady unethical practices without evidence because you’re upset. Got it.

I’m not upset. Just not taking everything a company getting bad press states at face value. I have done this for a living, no bad faith, I just fully understand how you can manipulate press releases.

No. You’re asserting that they’re doing something wrong without any evidence. That’s not just “not taking everything a company states at face value.”

I have done this for a living

And I work in the game industry and the timeline for going gold fits with their statement perfectly fine.

I love this site.

So I’m bad faith for asserting sitting on a press release for a week/ week and a half at most, to fit with the actual date that they already knew they had to hit to best fit their needs? That’s standard in advertising and timing press releases, not a bad faith accusation or shady practice. Something done by every company to boost exposure and awareness.


I’m somehow a 343 shill at the same time for agreeing that 343s use of marketing, not to mention the ToS, allows them to change the game in any way they see fit. Or that we shouldn’t expect everything to be saved on the 8th, because 343 have that right, because it’s a “Beta”. Or that this isn’t the most predatory monetization I’ve seen in games, it’s pretty standard.

Now if you have a problem with the conspiracy post, you could have just said you’re not an always sunny fan.

I wouldn’t say this is the most predatory monetization scheme. You don’t have to pay for anything if you don’t want to. It doesn’t give you any gameplay benefits.

With that said, it’s a pretty -Yoink!- system. Not getting XP based on performance is a pretty -Yoink!- idea. The offerings in the BP are also pretty piss-poor. Your options on completing the BP are to either spend multiple hundreds of hours grinding challenges in game modes you may not want to play, and using guns you may not care to use, or spend $120+ to boost up to level 100.

In my opinion, there is nothing in the BP that is worth either of the choices. with the way the customization system is setup, you likely won’t be able to use the armor choices you want. The helmet you want may be on a different spartan base as the shoulders you want, which makes them incompatible with each other, much like the samurai armor in the current event. Maybe I don’t want to use the full Samurai armor set. Maybe I just want to use the helmet, or the shoulders. Oh well, -Yoink!- out of luck. There isn’t a single color palette that is even remotely interesting, and the armor effects are hardly noticeable in game.

If I could put on whatever armor combination I wanted, AND choose my own colors and material, then it would probably be worth it and I would actually want to complete the battlepass. But as it stands, this can hardly be considered customization. We are limited to what armors 343 tells us we can use together, as well as being limited to the colors they deem as fit for sale which, so far, have not be any more interesting than the color choices in the original Halo: CE.

What 343 should be doing is selling color palettes and armor materials like Warframe does, and allow us to create our own color/material scheme like Anthem did. If they aren’t going to do that, then they might as well just take us back to red vs blue because everyone currently looks exactly the same anyways.

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I would all be for a Warframe-like system for customization in Halo Infinite. That said, the coating system in Infinite right now is a direct rip off of what is in Destiny. Even right down to the icons. The only difference is that you keep the colors forever, and can swap them out. Unlike in Destiny, where they are a one-time consummable.

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or asserting sitting on a press release for a week/ week and a half at most, to fit with the actual date that they already knew they had to hit to best fit their needs?

Wait wait wait. You’re saying the day they released the multiplayer mode to the masses, which would undoubtedly give them invaluable data on critical bugs, crashes, exploits, hardware issues, etc., they immediately went gold and started printing discs of the game as is without even waiting a tiny bit to see if there were any new issues they should fix before. And then they waited a whole week to make a Tweet for… basically no reason at all since the multiplayer is already out in the wild and they’d already committed to a launch date previously.

That’s standard in advertising and timing press releases

Not really standard for the game industry at all.

Something done by every company to boost exposure and awareness.

The multiplayer is out and F2P; everyone is playing it and talking about it. Sending a Tweet that you went gold to boost exposure a week later makes zero sense.

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Going gold is positive news that helps mitigate the bad press from the announcement of the delay of Forge/ Co Op, and the negative Battle Pass stories, for anyone who is a casual or lapsed fan. I am not talking about when they start printing disks, I’m talking about a press release about when they start printing disks. Apples and Oranges. We both know they would never waste extra dev time, or risk blowing the release date.

It knocked most of the negative stories off the main news feed, except for places catering to gamers that already knew all this. Just because it makes no sense to you, doesn’t mean that it has no positive effect on the marketing. Knocking articles with headlines like “Halo is no longer for players 35” out of the top news feeds is positive. Even if the article replacing it is “Hey Halo just went Gold!”

Let’s be honest, there are very few changes that can be implemented before the 8th, so any extra data will not meet the demands of the players currently crying foul. Calling this a beta and giving the impression that there will be changes to gullible fans isn’t helping.

All of this is off topic tho.

The topic is the perception by some that this is the most predatory monetization system. You took my initial joke post as something it’s not, and ran with it over the semantics of a beta and a soft release, fully missing the point.

Respond if you want, but I’m done with arguing off topic.

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It the Horse armor from Oblivion all over again but its a 100 times worse.

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I agree the monetisation set-up is very bad, out right nightmarish. However 343 have stated that they will fix this. So I have to give them a chance to address the issues.

My fear is TIME!

As the game looks feels and plays currently they seem to have done tons of work to revamp the game since they originally took it from Bungie and things went south(FAST)! So my hope is they fix this monetisation thing quickly, and follow in the footsteps of the modern server based games and constantly putout updates to keep the game fresh. I mean Halo is the backbone that all competitive console games are built on, but lack of innovation, lack of listening to the community has broken it. 343 needs to do with Halo what all other competitive multiplayer games have done, “Take the best parts of other games and use them in yours”. I mean PUBG → Fortnite → COD → Rocket League → etc. I am just saying there are plenty of models to look at.

343 Get it right. They have what was once the undisputed champion of competitive esports games, but continue to make some bad moves that are killing the franchise.

They got a game with a 20 year history, tons of backstory, and bad business moves are killing it. No reason that they should fail, they still have fan support, but losing it with every game.

Do you remember how upset people were? Now look how far companies go. That’s called normalization and 343 is just trying to push us further into the dystopia.

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Remember the good old days when a progression system and the ability to unlock and customize your Spartans armor was just a standard part of a Halo game. It’s a shame, 343 tried to implement aspects of call of duty in the multiplayer for Halo 4, then after that failed they tried implementing loot boxes in Halo 5, another COD seeming copy and a failure for Halo. Now we are here… the biggest problem is that armor customization has always been a Core feature in a Halo game and locking it behind a pay wall will always be a failure. Halo really shines when it just embraces being Halo, not when it tries to implement things that are done in other games. The only think I can think of that contradicts that is the GrappleShot, but even this feels very halo and not like a feature from another game that was copy and pasted.

This is for 343:

I absolutely love the gameplay for Halo infinite and this is probably the best Halo I’ve played since Halo 3. That being said, the approach for the battle pass and the store needs a lot of work to say the least…

Leveling up is far too slow and XP should also be awarded for your performance during a match AND for winning one (not just for completing a match). This will encourage people to play the objective (many pretend they’re playing slayer on CTF/Oddball) and make players feel like they’re progressing. Also, the fact that the battle pass and events are full of challenge swaps and double XP is disheartening (these are not rewarding in the slightest). The fact that you have to pay to get SIMPLE colors (I.e. BLUE) and visor colors that are locked to an armour core, is ridiculous. Paying for crazy armour colors/coatings is understandable, but not for really basic colors that are locked to a specific armour core. People would be less upset if you could unlock one color for ALL cores as well. Paying for three $20 bundles (each being one armour coating, a charm, and an emblem…) and I’ve just paid full price for the CAMPAIGN… For what we get from these bundles, they are not worth the price we pay for them. In the current state, when I look at someone’s armour, I think “this person spent $200” rather than “sick armour how can I get that.” In Halo, grinding through the game to get armour you wanted was part of the experience and locking most of it behind a paywall is insulting.

I recognize that armour cores and the store are not going anywhere at this stage. However, this system could work if it was implemented in a way where players felt that they were worth it. First off, an armour coating, visor colors and armour itself should not be limited to a specific core (bots mix&match, why can’t we?). This will make players feel like their unlocks are worth more and are more likely to buy them. Second, basic color coatings should be available for all cores (crazy cosmetics are different). Third, and most importantly, the challenge swaps in battle passes should be replaced by store credits so there was some way to unlock everything. Fourth, providing more XP awards for someones performance during a match and for winning a match will allow people to progress through the battle pass at a more satisfying rate. Alltogether, this will eliminate complaints about most armour being locked behind a paywall and players will feel like their time/effort into unlocking something is meaningful. Players can craft their spartan the way they would want (a core feature in the Halo experience) without spending 5-10X the price of the campaign.

Again, I’m absolutely loving this game but the monetization/store needs a lot of work. 343i has absolutely nailed every aspect of this game and it would be a shame if people stopped playing for this reason. Once this is done players will feel like their unlocks are actually worth something and give players more satisfaction for their time spent in the game

I really enjoyed the technical preview but learning about the monetisation has convinced me not to bother playing the game at all. I’d have happily bought it at full price without microtransactions and surely had a lot of fun with it. Could even have seen myself buying the battle passes if that meant you could earn all cosmetics. Instead, I’ll just move on and give this game a miss altogether. Such a shame.

I know this is still not what a lot of players want but why can’t we just buy the armor colors nameplates and backdrops like Xbox does for there custom controllers? 343 you get your money for Halo free to play mode and we get the freedom to choose what are Spartans look like.

343i could learn 1 or 2k about “credits” in-game from Niantic and pokemon go.

Did you guys forget this is a beta

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