This is the most predatory monetisation scheme in a long time

Armour sets are being sold for a third of the price of a game ($20), the battlepass contains no in game currency rewards meaning you’re going to have to spend money on each battlepass unlike the industry standard in which each completed BP pays for the next. Don’t even get me started on the progression system, it is designed to be as tedious as possible to encourage people to buy skips and boosts. The free items of any note (Armour pieces) are so few and far between they may as well be non existent. The first free helmet is at level 81. Level 81. At the current rate this will take literally hundreds of hours to unlock.

This is malicious, this was not an accident. 343 and Microsoft are intentionally making playing the game without paying as frustrating as possible. There needs to be a rework of the progression system. We need to be able to rank up from completing matches like in every other AAA game or we aren’t going to stick around and have 343 beg us to open our wallets. I havent seen anything so blatantly scummy since EA Star Wars Battlefront 2.


Add to that the fact that you literally don’t get credit for games or challenges half the time right now. Apparently you should never skip the screen after each match that tells you what you received, because if you do you get nothing. That’s a severe issue, because I can’t recall any game ever doing that.


That isn’t true, I skip every one. My battle pass is level 7 or 8.


well then I guess it’s just everyone but you


Battlefront 2 locked gameplay behind a paywall. This is just cosmetic.

I do like other games’ system to allow you to get credits via the battle pass. Usually it is enough for the next one and a very small amount left over which builds up over multiple passes. I have no issue with the speed of how the pass progresses, this is fine to me although I find it annoying the daily challenges are just play X amount of games. Having the challenge change would be more interesting. Now the weekly ones are pretty much done I have no challenges to go for. I’m fine with just playing the game but I like the challenges as they make me play in new and interesting ways.


This is content that previously shipped as standard with older games being sold at frankly ridiculous rates. $20 for an armour set is unacceptable. Having to pay $10 to meaningfully customise your character, something that was previously the standard is a blatant cash grab.


I think £7.99 for all of the battle pass armour sets is reasonable considering its FTP. I just ignore the $20 armour sets in the shop. Hardly predatory.


It is hardly the most predatory monetisation scheme on the market. None of the paid content is even related to gameplay. It is all cosmetic. You can play the entire game without paying a penny and still be as competitive as the guy who purchases literally everything available. These purchases offer no advantage whatsoever beyond fashion.

That is not to say that the system is flawless, entirely palatable or that there are no criticisms that can be levied against it. It has been said by just about everybody in the past 24 hours or so that the season progression is too slow and restrictive, and some of the item shop prices are very high. If 343 address these concerns we can very easily come to an arrangement that is agreeable for both developer and most of the playerbase.


It IS a free game, so do not forget that.

Of course you can still argue if a single armor set is worth 20 dollars. How many people have to buy it for the artist and dev to be compensated fairly for their work?


The artists and devs dont make money depending on how much it sells, they get paid a salary regardless.


Free to play game, free maps and updates, continuous support. Game will be better for it.

Cosmetics are the least important part of any game. Buy a few sets you really like, it’s not like you can wear 12 helmets at once.


The Battlepass isn’t free. We paid for it and the progress is ridiculously slow. I couldn’t care less about what price they want to sell individual cosmetics. That gives people the choice to just not buy it. However the progressions system of the BP is one of the worst I have ever seen.


People need to stop pretending that “it’s just cosmetics” is a valid argument to this. The ability to customize and earn your cosmetics is explicitly stated to be part of the gameplay. These things do not exist independently of each other and are intertwined by design.


Fortnite is a free game, and even that it gives you xp per matches and give you credits in the battle pass, this is the most agressive way to ask you for money


Didn’t say it was free, did I?

It’s slow because other games the tiers are not equally distanced. You’re used to quick progress at first which then slows down later levels. This doesn’t slow down…


I could not say it better. Thank you


Thank you Starwars Battlefront.


Is it the “industry standard” to have the currency in the Battlepass to pay for the next one? I don’t frequent enough games to actually know this, but of the games I have played with a battlepass, there certainly wasn’t currency like that.


Easily the worst Battle Pass and Progression System of any game I have ever played, and on top of that - the Battle Pass rewards are extremely lackluster. I stopped playing Gears of War 5 for its awful monetization of customization that was widely available in previous games. The gameplay and game itself seems great, but man the customization is a real stinker.


I see the “standard with older games” argument a lot but it usually lacks context. The game industry is much different than it was years ago. There is a wider audience and even an audience now that has grown up knowing nothing but vbucks and robux. Couple that with inflation and the rising cost of game development and you’ll see that the $60 AAA game model is not sustainable from the corporate perspective that has shareholders expecting year over year growth. Like it or not, that’s the way the world works.

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